Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Reel Blues - where are you?

 Where o' where are the Reel Blues? The band has been on the radar for years, but I still haven't nailed down where the Reel Blues called home.

The Fabulous Flame Club is in Ft. Wayne, but the two pics come via Knox County, Indiana. Most probably Vincennes since that is where most of the band action centered. The most popular was "The World", as many of the best regional bands, and some bigger bands such as "Strawberry Alarm Clock" would play there.

Here's hoping that someone can identify the place the two pics were taken. Many people contributed pics and info over the years, but most of my handwritten notes prior to 2009 were lost in the flood that washed out the 60's indiana band szene central command. Thankfully, I'm pretty fanatic about digital copies and backups!

As the usual plea goes, any info about the Reel Blues, feel free to chime in!

And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Tyrone & the Upsetters - Ft. Wayne - Gateway Records

Ok, let's get back in the groove! I've been away for quite a bit, and even contemplated just erasing this whole thing. But what the hell, complainers be damned, full speed ahead.

Tonight we present "Tyrone & the Upsetters" from beautiful
Ft. Wayne. The only names I've ever found associated with the band are:
Don Ganaway
Thomas Brownlee ( I believe he is the second from left in the pic).

The Upsetters released a 45 on Gateway Records, which has Ft. Wayne listed on the label. I'm almost certain Gateway was a label promoted by a department store in the area. The Upsetters check in at #308 and I also have a 45 of the Impostors (sic) at #333. So could there be 33 or more releases on the label, or just some oddball numbering? We may never know........

So the fans are waiting for the tunes, right? Let's hear 'em now!

Running Hot - credited to the Upsetters
That's Not Love - Tyronne & the Upsetters

Tyronne is the spelling on the label, but the promo pic shows Tyrone. I'm just glad I can track it that far. Any other info gladly accepted!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cavaliers - Greenwood

 From the files of "60's indiana band szene" Central Command, we find the Cavaliers of Greenwood.  I recently found a photo of the Cavaliers while looking thru yearbooks (a great way to find a few band photos!), in this case from Indian Creek High School 1965.

The Cavaliers were together for a few years - the yearbook shows a homecoming dance, so that would be late 1964.  Most probably some frat rock and early Beatles would keep the kids happy on the dance floor.

I can document the Cavaliers playing thru at least March 1967 - that would be from the Whiteland Barn ad. After that.......?

Members included (photo above):

Fred Kinnan - lead guitar
Allen Martin - rhythm guitar
Dick Tyndal - tenor sax

Mike Langford - bass
Gary Scott - drums
and later
Ed Weddle - hammond organ
Roger Craighead replaced Mike on bass
Sam Doolin - trumpet - vocals

 Special thanks to Gary for the band info!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Klockwork Orange - Aug. 1968

August 1968, and four bands are competing at Indiana Beach - Battle of the Bands. So why did just one band get a mention? The world may never know, but now we know of the "Klockwork Orange" and the members.

Blair Austin,
Mike Bishop,
Chandler Sammons,
Robin Raub,
Dan Evard,
and Scott Hoffman.

Introducing the "Klockwork Orange". And now if we could just get an update on how the battle went!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Anne and the Henchmen 1966

Sometimes the formula is... find a period newspaper clipping and run with it.
Presenting for your amusement:
Anne & the Henchmen, January 1966.
What can we deduce from the photo? Anne Hall is the singer, and maybe in charge of wardrobe and make-up. Ducan (Duncan?) Williams is the drummer, Mike Schevrer is gripping that bass. Moving on to Bob Stavton, posing with a cute little fender, and that leaves Dave O'Guinn, maybe looking for his organ or perhaps peeved that Anne took his singing gig.
It's all speculation, but we're glad they performed and maybe someone will check in!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Minutemen - 1966 Chatrand High School

Imagine in early 1966, there are about 800 bands in Indianapolis alone. Many were around for as long as a cup of coffee, and some had revolving doors of musicians. So any evidence of existing is important, and that's why tonight we bring you The Minutemen - hailing from Chartrand High!

The Minutemen won 1st prize at the variety show competition in late 1965. The photo appeared in the Indianapolis Star on Jan. 8th, 1966 (Elvis' Birthday!) with about 20 other bands listed.

Left to right:
Dave Stonehouse
Steve Stonehouse
Tom Arnold
Phil Eaton

Any of these guys go on to bigger or better things? As always, any info is delightfully received.

Now for the other 799 bands...........

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Boys Next Door - Reunion show - Sept. 19th 2015

Short notice - but it slipped thru the cracks here at 60's indiana band szene central command. Spread the word! And think a good thought for the memory of Steve Drybread. Look forward to meeting new friends there.