Monday, February 26, 2007

The Poor Boys

Other than the writer credit "Chuck Givens" ( I assume he's a band member) I haven't found squat about these guys. The known stuff is a 45 on Flame records (Nashville, TN) Think of Livin' / Julie, Julie, released in '66. The Poor Boys were from Kokomo, Indiana (north of Indianapolis). This from an ad for a January 10, 1967 date played.

Mistake correction!

Chuck Givens was not a member of this band. He was the owner of a studio in Nashville, TN., and released records on the Flame label. The studio burned and all tapes, masters, and equipment were destroyed.

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Jmartz said...

I was in a band called the Poor Boys in Indianapolis in 1965 - based in Lawrence. Never heard of this group - but we did play Kokomo once...