Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bomarcs - '66 Indianapolis - Indiana

"Have you seen your mother, baby, standing in the shadow?" At the time, the most controversial of the Stones' hits, and this group, the Bomarcs, did it well. Best known for being the "musicians-in-residence" at Le Scene (can anyone tell me where this was?). Versatility - Stones, psyche stuff, Rhythm & Blues, and some plain old-fashioned hard rock, and that something else, their bass player was very definitely a girl.

Members included:
Jim Benge - lead guitar
Dave Prince - rhythm guitar
Judy Cagle - bass
Bob Goodson - drums
Dan Bradburn - lead singer

Jim Benge went on to play in Madison Zane ('70's Indiana band)
Many thanks to Robert (Bob) Goodson for sending me this info!


Robert said...

Thanks for the post! Le Scene was at 1116 Prospect St in Fountain Square. I think there was a Standard grocery store across from it. Arthurs Music store was close by which was great when I needed drum sticks. We drew big crowds in that place. Dan did alot of the art work.
Bob Goodson

Anonymous said...

Memory must fade more than I realize. I was at Le Scene every weekend I could get out, from 1966 -68 or 69, and I don't remember this band at all, I DO remember The Cardboard Bachs playing frequently, and The Yardbirds doing an amazing special show. Mostly I lusted after the girls naughty there who went there, so maybe I just wasn't paying attention.

Does anyone know whathappened to Tom Bredwell after the club closed?

Anonymous said...

This is the bass player for the Bomarcs. I did the light shows at Le Scene and lived with Tom Bredwell who is alive and kicking

Anonymous said...

The rhythm guitar player for the Bomarcs was Dave Prince

vinylfool said...

Welcome Judy, and great to hear from you. Feel free to comment and set the record straight!


Robert said...

Hey Judy, how the hell are you doing? I tried the email address you left on another band site but it was no longer choose not to How could you shoot me down like that. Talked with Dan about 10 yrs ago. I assume he is still around. Are you still playing? You lived with Tom...did not realize that...he's doing okay. He probably doesn't remember the time I snuk in his mustang behind the Le Scene to sleep...ended up coming in and sleeping on the stage. Absolute good old days. Is your cousin still playing..dang can't remember her name.. she went with Nick(Jim) Arnold for awhile. All I can say is the guy named John Melcher must have Le Scene mixed up with someplace else...hell that was home to us. So many much fun...what ever happened to that old blue plymouth you used to drive???? My email is Nice to know your still out there. Take care!!!!

CopperScaleDragon said...

John, Tom is living in southern Indiana running a bed and breakfast, last I heard.

CopperScaleDragon said...

John, I forgot to mention, if you remember Judy from Le Scene, our own Mama Cass, and Dan, the artist who did the paintings, The Bomarcs was there band. They played a lot in the early days of the club, and yes, the Yardbirds did do an amazing show! (Once we got the doors open and stopped the drunks from the bar next door from assaulting our guests.)

Mahitable said...

what great memories I remember when Tom Bredwell lived upstairs and named one of the overstuffed chairs after me...Aunt Pammie, I had my birthday there one year and remember the girls got me a cake and the store spelled the words on it wrong was supposed to say "Flower Power" and said "Flour Power" What great days those were ...being picked up at the Airport when I returned from NYC in the big black limo covered in vinyl flowers, Going to see Hendrix in Chicago in same limo, the night of the Yardbirds concert ! great music and friends

Mahitable said...

I worked at Le Scene for some time remember some great times there when Tom Bredwell lived upstairs, going to see Hendrix in Chicago in the big black Limo covered in dayglow flowers,the Yardbirds concert, The weekend we had a family day so all the parents could see the club those were the days my e mail is love to here from anyone from back then

Anonymous said...

Jinx Dawson of Coven here...I have been trying to get a hold of Tom Bredwell also...And anyone who has photos or footage or audio of Coven at Le Scene or Middle Earth with Zappa or?...Please contact me at my FB page...Hails \m/

Anonymous said...

I just discovered this web site - just amazing. I discovered Le Scene when in 1968 at the Canned Heat / Iron Butterfly concert at the downtown Armory someone walked through the house passing out business card sized printed promotional pieces for the Yardbirds concert (Jimmy Paige era).
I loved Middle Earth - 1970-72: Edgar Winter & White Trash, The Flock, Richie Havens, Mark-Almond, Bonnie and Delany, Zappa, - has anyone posted a history or band list for ME online? It only lasted about 2.5 years. thanks you all, Ed (in Virginia)

Anonymous said...

I went to Le Scene as a teen. It must have been a "dry" or "juice" club.

I remember the cardboard eyeballs hanging from the ceiling by black thread. I "liberated" a few and hung them in my bedroom (with black light to recreate the Le Scene scene).

I remember a beautiful albino "chick" who was there often. She wore granny dresses.

I mostly remember Sir Winston and the Commons performing at Le Scene. I think the albino "chick" became the band's "lady". Seems she ended up on stage playing tambourine.

I remember the owner, Bredwell, often walking (stumbling) through the crowd. My memory of him is that he appeared similar to Mick Fleetwood.

Le Scene was a fun place and probably changed the lives of some of those who went there. It was a daring venture for Indy at the time.

I remember Middle Earth. It was in a closed movie theater around 33rd and Illinois. I saw the Mothers of Invention there. Also saw Rotary Connection from Chicago with Minnie Riperton.

During the performance, a member of the band came up behind Minnie and untied the top of her halter dress behind her. She then took both sides of the top and began to slowly move them forward towards the crowd. You couldn't see anything really from the audience but from stage left or stage right she would have been topless. Risky business back then.

Wish I remembered more!

cindy said...

What an awesome site. I went to Le Scene also. I worked in the Coat Check Room and danced in the window sometimes. Boy those were the days. My name was Cindy Stuckey then. I met some awesome people there and fell madly in love every other week, sometimes more deeply than others. If anybody remembers me they can contact me at

Debbie Jones said...

I was there every weekend....Loved it....Someone I went to HS with posted on FB that on her 1970 yearbook that I wrote the following....Leave all those straights at the Sherwood and come blow your mind at the Le Scene.....Debbie Jones / Maiden name Clark

Anonymous said...

My band played at Le Scene a few times. We were rather theatrical and our shows were likewise. At one show, we began by playing a dirge while a coffin was carried through the room to the stage. After a buildup, the coffin was opened and from inside rose...a belly dancer. We had a complicated light show with projectiles that fortunately didn't put out anybody's eye. I wish I had pictures from those days, but that was before everybody had a point-n-shoot in their pocket. Our band was called The Masters of Deceit, and we were play, although not many noticed. I, too, have wondered about the afterstory on Tom Bredwell. Good guy to tolerate our radical stuff.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing the Masters Of Deceit and I also remember the coffin and the belly dancer. She was very hot.

Anonymous said...

Tom Bredwell lives in southeastern Indiana in a home he shares with his partner of 47 years. It is called Rileybrook Hall near Brookville. They no longer do B&B but open their home as a private restaurant. The home is amazing! Tom had a stroke, is 82 but is still kicking.