Sunday, July 13, 2008

Unlimited Few - 1967 - '68

Playing in Rushville, Indiana 1968 (altho the ad says 1967, it's a typo), The Unlimited Few. I know of the Idle Few, The Chosen Few, The Fewdle Lords, but this is new to me.
Any info appreciated, as with all of these blind listings. Join in and keep these guys or gals dream alive!


Jeff Urband said...

To whom it may concern:

Well, I was part of the South Bend band scene during the late 60's with the band, The Traces of Time. Other bands included the MRQ, the Tradewinds, The Basooties (Gary), America's Stop, The Soul Seekers...still have memories of playing Edison Light, Tippy's, The Wild Goose,(Chicago) Top Deck , Rush Up (Chicago), Notre Dame, The Coop (YMCA), and St. Anthony's, our first big gig. Also, The Arnold Palmer Golf Course, We were on the roof of the clubhouse. We opened for some big bands as well, including Tommy James, Vanilla Fudge, Gene Pitney and Caravan of Stars, The Yardbirds, etc. Wonder what the guys are doing now? Maybe we should have a reunion concert!!
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Kenn Reinhardt said...

I was the drummer of The Unlimited Few, an Indianapolis garage band--all who attended Warren Central High School. We combined the names of the Idle Few and the Sounds Unlimited, two fairly well-known bands in our area. Jim Shelton of WIBC helped us get gigs. Members included Steve Winters, Mike Spence, Max & Gary Bullen, and I...with additional members as members went off to college, including Tim Ayres, who left to join what became Mason Proffit. (Kenn Reinhardt; Indy;