Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Foremost - 1966 - No longer unknown!

Behold another unknown from January 1966. These moppets were attending Park and North Central High Schools.

From Left:
Chris Katterjohn
John Lindquist
John Scofield
Allan Thorpe

Great to get your picture in the paper, but it would have been nice to have the band named! If you did have a group name, please share it with us!!!


Kevin Williams said...

These were all great guys. I still see a couple of them from time to time Chris Katterjohn ran the Indianapolis business journal until recently. John Schofield kept up his playing, and is better now, then he ever was. He often plays in the NCHS reunion band with other members of the Thundermen. Allan and John, I have lost touch with, but John knows where they are:)

vinylfool said...

Hey Kevin,

John shared the name of the band "Foremost". I "may" have an ad around here for them I believe.