Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Original Dukes - Indianapolis

First known as the Dukes, formed in 1961. The Dukes headlined the "Rail Club" (anyone know where that is/was ?). After the rights were lost to the "Dukes", the band became the Original Dukes.

Pictured here - 1964 - from left:
Richie Martin
Chuck Best
Jim Sonday - Drums
Jim Hickman - Guitar

The Original Dukes left us one 45!

Hear the tunes!
Ain't about to lose my cool
It looks like rain

If you enjoyed the song, leave a note and let the boys know!

Thanks Jim Sonday for the photo, member names and support, and thanks to Larry Goshen for the dates.


Anonymous said...

good find! the A side was comped on Highs in the Mid-60s, Vol. 8, the South (sic) ....

keep on diggin!
Michael Vee

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing these guys back in 67'. Any idea if they're still alive and still working within the music industry? The song "Ain't about to lose my cool" still makes you want to move.

Awesome blog and a super great find! Keep finding gems like them!

Kevin B

Jim Sonday said...

The Rail Club was on Massachusetts Av In Indianapolis & became the "IN" spot for Indy society with its hilarious twist shows. The Dukes were the house band with guest artists from time to time like Joey D & Chubby Checker.