Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gentlemen Bleu

Where are you, Gentlemen Bleu?
Who are you, Gentlemen Bleu?

The only clues are writer credits:

Al Stone & Mike Hunting

The Gentlemen Bleu performed at the Cabaret (I presume a teen dance club) and left this ad in Ft. Wayne, June 1967. Since the 45 was pressed in 1965, we can assume that they were together for a least a couple of years. Believed to be students attending Hanover College (Madison, IN), and hailing from Indianapolis.

One 45 known - Trump 355 - Louisville label

Let's hear some music:

Hate to Tell You
One More Day

Looking forward to these guys checking in! Give us the scoop Gentlemen Bleu!!


Anonymous said...

I only knew the plugside (comped on private CDR Extraterrestrial Sojourn, Pt. IV by the Garagpunkforum), but the flip is equally good. Someone told me the band was from KY, but probably that's wrong, so please let us know Gentlemen

thanks a lot for posting & keep on your great labor of passion!

Hugs from Italy, Milano

Anonymous said...

The Gentlement Bleu was a Hanover College Band. I am Mike Hunting, the lead singer. Other members were Al Stone, Bass Guitar, Tom Vosmer, Lead Guitar, Bill Duke, Keyboard, and Bob Stites, Drums. We played for three years from 1965-67. Unfortunately the vietnam War ended our group. Al Stone continues to play with some bands in Indianapolis. You have the songs wrong on your blog. I hate to Tell You was the "A" side, and One More Day was the "B" side.