Sunday, May 2, 2010

Night Watchmen - Ft. Wayne -1967 - Findlay OHIO....OOPS

Interesting ad from August '67. Playing at a W & D clothing store, we present the Night Watchmen.
I have no clue about any of the members, or the band, but look forward to finding out.

Clothing / Fashion stores were a popular gig in the mid '60s. I have photos of the Olivers playing at Wassons (1966), and The Boys Next Door had a show filmed by the owner of Dorothy's Fashions , Herb Levison, in November 1966. Dorothy's was located on 16th st, Speedway. Someone has to know if that tape is around somewhere.


dbake3455 said...

The Night Watchmen were from Findlay, Ohio - Tripp Tozzer, Van Wert, Ohio

vinylfool said...

Wow, really missed on those guys eh? Guess I'll refer them to the Buckeye Beat forum!!

Know anything else? 45's? Any history?


Tripp Tozzer said...

45: 1966 I'm Gonna Lose my Mind/ Two Yards Of Dreamin'. Found this on the web:Nice rare acetate recording. The middle is metal. When i look at the outer edge it looks like i see metal in a few worn spots. There's a smaller, what looks like a hole on the label next to the large hole. It's covered with the label. It has a song on each side. I have no player to listen to the record but it looks to be in very good condition and should play fine. The record is by "THE NITE WATCHMEN" who were from Findlay, Ohio. It's on the "Cleveland Recording Company" label. The following is from  an article i found on the net about the manager of the group written by the manager's son. " The band "The Watchmen" performed in halls, clubs and concerts in Findlay and throughout Ohio. They were talented and had actually recorded numerous records. Our basement was set up as a stage with lights, a sound system and all of the band's equipment. When they were not performing, my father would take me to the basement and let me play on the drums. " The songs are "I'm gonna lose my mind" & "Two yards of Dreamin". It's from the 1960's. 1966 i think. No picture sleeve if there ever was one. Great organ dominated garage punk is what i've read on the net about the one side "I'm gonna lose my mind". Also that it has a psychedelic sound. I can find nothing listed about the other side, "Two years of Dreamin"

Luke Brickman said...

My dad played bass for them, the chex, Johnny and the Thunderbirds out of Toledo,Ohioand Johnny and the Thunderbirds. His name is Paul(Sonny) Brickman

Robert Rodman said...

My dad has an amplifier that was supposed to have belonged to their bass player. I'd like to talk to you more about this.