Thursday, October 7, 2010

Exports - Hammond 1964

It's a dark night, and I'm reading a facebook page, "Planet Hammond". Suddenly a plea catches my attention:

"The "Kritters" were definitely the most popular. Band leader Ron Jongsma, and Rick Grigsby lived in my neighborhood and we were treated to garage concerts on summer nights. They recorded a record called "Hey Car Hop", but I believe it it was under a previous name, which I can't remember......Help."

The Exports is the band in question, circa 1964.

Band Members:
Ron Jongsma - Guitar
George Felaney - Guitar
Tom Barnhart - Guitar
Howard Friedman - Drums

The Exports left us two 45's

King 5917 - Car Hop / Seat Belts Please

King 5985 - Mustang '65 / Always It's You

I had the Car Hop 45, didn't know it was Indiana related, but it is a great surf\hot rod instrumental. Now I have to find the Mustang '65............

Special thanks to Jim Carley for the inspiration.


WESTEX said...

"Car Hop" is one of my favorite King 45s... that's saying something!

Brian Marshall said...

"Mustang 65" is also very good. I've got it, but I'm not selling it.

iban said...

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I added your blog to my blog list. Please check my new blog and if you like it please come and follow and if you want add me to your blog list :) Thanks and keep on doing the good work.

iban said...

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Larry Frisk said...

I remember seeing this 45 in my Dad's collection, and when I asked him about it he said that not only did he know the group, he actually was their lead singer for a few years before they went the instrumental route with Car Hop. He just passed away last Friday and I have been searching the web for more information about my Dad's old band. So if any of the old members of the Kritters, Crossmen or Exports has any old pictures of the band with my Dad singing, I would love to have one be part of his memorial.

vinylfool said...

Larry, I hope you find a photo, as I don't have one. I sent your request off to "Planet Hammond". If anyone can help, they can. Good luck, and sorry for the the loss of you father.

Anonymous said...

FYI, the Kritters live again! The Kritters have been reanimated and playing shows again in the area.

The 2015 line-up includes:
Ron Jongsma, bass
Rick Grigsby, guitar and vocals
Tom Armellino, keyboards, guitar and vocals
Bob Snare, guitar and vocals
Ken Andersen, drums and vocals

Ron takes the calls and books the band via 219.865.8302.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Frisk I have a picture that might be your father but of course Im only being a gmail address grandfather was a promoter for Atlantic Records and also had managed a few local bands in the Chicagoland/Merrillville areas back in the early 60's The Kritters & Minnie Ripperton & The Rotary Connection. Not clear if this is the band The Kritters or The Exports..maybe you would know or be able to answer some questions about the picture I have..and with some sting of luck this could be your father..please get back to me when you can thank you!!