Monday, May 23, 2011

WIFE - Lucky 1300 - Indianapolis - Radio

To a central Indiana kid in the 60's, nothing was mightier than WIFE. They had it all, great DJ's, music, contests, and a signal we could get 40 miles away! AM at it's finest.


This "jingle" mentions a few of the highlights of Indianapolis circa 1963:
Clowes Hall, Garfield Park, James Whitcomb Riley, and of course the Indianapolis 500!

I recall DJ's: Lee Masters, Bruce Hunter, Jay Reynolds, and of course the legendary "Reb Porter".

What do you remember?


steve Miller said...

Can't believe this has no comments! I remember WIFE arriving shortly after I discovered there was radio outside my hometown... I must have found WISH-AM initially, because I remember a short interim when the call was WAWE before it became WIFE.

WIBC had been the big dog in Indy radio until WIFE shook completely changed the game. But not too many years later, Fairbanks returned the favor when they allowed co-PDs "Jasen" (Jim Hansen) and Al Stone to metamorphose WIBC-FM into WNAP.

The launches of WIFE and WNAP, in my mind anyway, were the two events with the greatest impact in Indianapolis radio since the initial launch of broadcasting in the '20s. (No. 3 might have been the launch of WTLC in its AM heyday...)

Tangential note: both Jim and Al are still in Indy, and both spent some time working at WIFE prior to the 'N-A-P launch.

vinylfool said...

I wondered if anyone even read the post, but I know that's not true!
Great info on the evolution of the Indy radio szene. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Bruce said...

Steve and vinylfool, you guys are so right about WIFE. As a student at Ben Davis I wanted to become a DJ. We had a radio staion, WBDG,(still there) Jay Reynolds helped me with project by giving me a terrific interview; I got an A. The Jaybird and the Emperor, Joe Light, and Roger W were always my favorites.

steve Miller said...

Just found this link:

Rock 'n' Roll Death Match!

Dan Hughes said...

Joe Light read a couple of my letters on the air - what a blast!

Thanks mainly to Wife, I was in radio for 40 years. Not a lot of money, but more fun than anything else in the world.

Bruce, if you're still around, buzz me at I went to Ben Davis too. But I graduated in '65, the year before they got the new school and the radio station.

Wife went on the air on Halloween 1963, less than a month before the Kennedy assassination. Wife had no national news affiliate yet, so Jay Reynolds called a buddy at a Dallas radio station and relayed the Dallas radio news THROUGH A TELEPHONE onto the air at Wife.

Anonymous said...

I remember back in '67-'69,when the jock who was on until about 10:00pm signed off,would always play this one song,an instrumental.I would listen to the radio until that song played,then turn off the radio for the night(school next day).Could someone please tell me what this song was and who it was by.

Anonymous said...

I remember Reb Porter, doing the noon to 3:00 PM, would have a "pool party" during the summer. Every fifteen minutes or so he would play a jingle that said, "Time to turn so you won't burn". He always played background sounds of a public pool with PA calls, kids laughing and screaming, life guards calling kids down, diving boards, and lots of splashing, of course. Sounds pretty hokey now, but what a great memory.

Gary Taylor said...

I'd like to know more about the band "Cardboard Bachs" and what songs they had recorded and time frame.Thanks a million.Gary Taylor of the former "Loved Ones Band" 1965-68

vinylfool said...

Gary, send me an e*mail to vinylfool"at" and I'll get you what I know, and send you some music.


Anonymous said...

Blast from past! U all forgot DJ Tom Mathis...who I amazingly was his governess for his 4 adorable children... He was DJ for St Rita's on Sunday nite... Ron Bennett of Kingsmen sadly has died! I spent my time @ a teen club called Party Tyme ownes by Jim & Ki (Katherine) Holcomb... they were Fabbulous. The Roof, Barn, Westlake, & anyplace there was a Battle of the Bands is where we were. My brother Steve Foster was sax player & did vocals for, "Sounds Unlimited".... Indy n 60's was the Best! Borkey's Teepee Frisches hey found John Medvesek also still alive... good sight!!

Brandon Mercer said...

Does anyone know anything about the GENERAL MANAGERS at WIFE-AM? I believe my dad, Ron Mercer, may have worked there, and I'm trying to learn more about his career. --Brandon Mercer
CBS Radio

Anonymous said...

The instrumental played at the end of the shift was "Our Winter Love".

garybrewer said...

Does anyone know if Tom Mathis, from WIFE, is still alive & well? Tom apparently MC'd a fashion show that the Astronauts played at, at Indiana Roof, in August,1965, in conjunction with Wasson's. A friend also said they performed at Wasson's at Eastgate that same day. If anyone has any memories, I'd love to hear them -
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Gary I am Tom's daughter. He went to radio Heaven in 2006

AHS '67 said...

Doesn't anyone remember the off the wall humor if WIFE "Good Guy" Ron Hofer? How about "Bouncin' Bill Baker"? Remember the very first WIFE "Teen Fair" in 1967 and the first "Teen Fair Battle of the Bands"? Does anyone have any photos?

oldladygator15 said...

Is this Pam? I was Tom''s governess for you children. Your Dad was an incredible man! You had a German Shepherd named King. Would love to hear from you.

oldladygator15 said...

WIFE in partnership with Kinney Shoes asked for a teen girl & boy from each school to be "reporters" & to Tom Mathis we would call in school scores from games, identity events, & name honors being awarded.
For "working" for the station Kenney
Shoes each quarter of a year would give the reporters the newest pair of shoes coming out. They had a run way Fashion show with Kenney shoes & each pair that was modeled we got to keep. It was fabulous & so fun. Tom would name the reporters on air with eventa. It was a big deal for us. WIFE ROCKED