Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Teeks - South Bend

Lots of questions tonight folks! From December 1966, an ad from the LaPorte newspaper, featuring The Teeks from South Bend. The burning question #1 - Who are they?

#2 - The Barn - 1260 E. Michigan Blvd - anyone ever spend time there?

Of course we all know about the Hitch-Hikers (Portage), but we still don't know the members!

Thanks as always for all the comments and support. No lead is too small to chase!


Drew Leach said...

The Teeks---1967 The Teeks appeared on a program that I (Drew Leach) co-produced on WSBT-Tv, entitled "Movin' Generation". I have in my position a audio tape of that show. The Teeks performed songs by the Cryin' Shames and the Hollies. I'm currently transferring the tape songs to a CD!

Terry Tuner said...

My brother, Jerry Turner, who passed away about five or six years ago, hung out at the Barn in Michgan City, and was friends with members of the Barons. Also, the Bazooties played at a prom at Oregon-Davis High School in 1967 after the original band backed out. The people at the prom were upset because the band came in jeans. My wife and I went to many dances at the Cyclops Cave in North Judson, The owner was ready to build a big outdoor venue in North Judson and had booked Paul Revere and the Raiders for the first night, but for some reason the deal fell thru. The Shambles were the house band for the Cave, along with the Sting Rays and December's Cildren from Chicago. The biggest crowd at the Cyclops Cave was for the Buckinghams. The Cave is now empty. For years it was a furniture store.

LeRoy and Jane Clemons Wedding Photography said...

I was the bass player for the Shambles and spent a lot time playing there. Opened for the Troggs, Cryan Shames, and the Buckinhams. Plus traveled to many venues with different WLS and WCFL D.J.’s. It was a special time indeed!