Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Endd - LaPorte - seacape

 The Endd from LaPorte. If any other band had an output as strong as this, they would be a household name in the Indiana 60's band narrative. But sadly, no.
Any info on the Endd is scarce, this is what we do know:
Russ Sanders - writer - publisher of most Seascape run. Deceased for quite a while.

What is speculated:
Russ Sanders - lead singer
Larry Anderson - bass

Not much to go on eh? Look up the address on the label, and you find a home that has been there since the mid '30s. All the Seascape 45's have Sanders involvement, so MAYBE it was his label, at this address.

Seascape discography (known releases):

#500 - So Sad / Emancipation (as the End)
#501 - Project Blue / Out of my Hands
#502 - Black Blues / Feeling (The Zoo from Michigan?)
#503 - Gonna send you back to your mother / Don't it make you feel like cryin'
#504 - Come on into my world / this is really Zoo plus two
#507 - Stop / One Down Seventeen More to Go ( Credited to Phase II Productions)

Where are #505 & #506? Is Phase II Productions a later Endd reincarnation? Why were the Zoo on this label? Any answers, ideas, real or imagined, please help us out!


Rob said...

i started to do some research into the history of this group when i lived in laporte 6 or 7 years ago. russ sanders, when he grew up, ran a bar on lincolnway in downtown laporte that had, i was told, a pretty "shady" reputation. he disappeared in (IIRC) october 1988, taking a small boat out into lake michigan and he was never seen or heard from again (that i know of). the people i talked to were convinced that he faked his own death and skipped town. his brother still lived in laporte as of 2006. i've got a couple of scans in the archives somewhere, a couple of russ's high school photos and the articles that ran in the herald-argus when his boat disappeared. if you're interested, i can scan the stuff for you. let me know. great band.

vinylfool said...

Sure I'd like to see them Rob. Just use my e*mail address on this blog.
I had "heard" that some believed he was likely to "still be out there".
Still then, who were the others?

Anonymous said...

I knew Russ Sanders casually shortly after high school. Kind of a brooding individual as I recall. If he did really fake his death it would have been pretty nasty since he had a 16 year old son at the time. That son, Dylan, passed away last year at age 39. His obit refers to Russ's having passed away in 1988. In a sad irony, Dylan also leaves behind a 16 year old son. The obit can be viewed at 'What's New LaPorte?' online.

sliesch said...

I came across your blog while researching a couple of my singles. Thought you might like to know that "Come On in to My world" b/w "This Is Really the Zoo Plus Two" has SS-504 on the A-side, and SS-505 on the B-side. I have also been told that Phase II Productions was definitely the final Endd single. There was something to do with somebody in the band being sentenced to prison for a long time (hence, the title of the B-side) and possibly the remaining members released it?

Anonymous said...

I bought my 1st car from Russ in 1981 for 300 dollars, he ran a used car lot on Pine Lake Ave. back then. He also ran the Red Rooster bar. (It was a sunny place for shady people.)

vinylfool said...

Great, looks like we may have some pieces to start putting together. This was a really good band, not sure if they played live much, but wonderful 45 output.

Tom Konieczny said...

Wow, I didn't realize The ENDD was still famous after 50 years. I was fortunate enough to have played in the band. I started out as the guitar player behind Russ (on lead) and then when our bass player left for college in the fall of 1967, I played bass, and we were a three piece band. Lots of fun back then. Russ was way ahead of time. For example,he put together a unique light show that we used. Most local bands back then used a color wheel that was designed for an aluminum Christmas tree.

The song "This is really the Zoo Plus Two" is really them (the Zoo, not the Endd). We recorded an A side and since we didn't have anything else, Russ stuck this recording by a band called the Zoo from New Buffalo, MI as the B side.

Going back even farther, I have a recording featuring Russ with our band called the Rogues. We were featured on "Jan's Polka Party" playing "Honey Don't" and "Little Latin Lupe Lu."

Hope all you old guys have a good Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Russ and I went to my high school prom. We were an item for about a year but he broke up with me for another. We then had one date a year or so later but I never heard from him or of him again. Just found our prom picture and started wondering whatever happened to him. So sad to hear about his possible early death. When I knew him he was the sweetest, kindest, most considerate boyfriend. I can’t find anything online about his disappearance.