Sunday, January 27, 2013

Emperors - Indianapolis 1965

Behold the Emperors, typical young men sporting Beatle haircuts in late 1965. Many of the youth had bands, altho few seemed to have as much "presence" as these. From George Washington High, we present "The Emperors":

Eddie George
Phil Davis
Darrel Rose
Kenney Simpson
Bobbie Barnes

Don't know if the kids ever did anything else, or where they are today. Any ideas?


Mijn Schatje said...

I've found this!

"Was the manager (in name only) for a band called "The Emperors" in his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. The true manager was a local DJ for radio station WIFE named Tom Mathis, but Mathis couldn't ethically spin disks and simultaneously manage a rock-and-roll band. He chose his then-milkman, Ray (later Bobby) Heenan, to manage the group. While the Emperors were playing on a makeshift wrestling ring at the local minor league ballpark, Heenan struck up a conversation with the grips who set up the ring, which subsequently led to his involvement in professional wrestling."

vinylfool said...

You are referring to "Bobby Heenan" of course! Bravo, that's some deep diggin'.

Gene Cothron said...

Darrel Rose was the drummer for Smak, later on.
Later still, he opened the D.Rose chain of video stores in and around Indy.

He was, and still is a huge 'Rasslin' fan.

Gigi woods said...

Darrel Rose and Kenny Simson were Good friends with my brother's. Brandon, Monte, and Loren Lo Woods. My brother's also had a band called. The traitors. Back then.

Unknown said...

As I know him, Ray was a great great friend and always took care of his mother. Went with us on many gigs. Took care of the money and made sure everything was ready for us. At the same time, he was working at the Indiana State Fair wrestling shows. He took the wrestlers jackets a robes to the back. Always had a way with talking. I miss him greatly. I'm managing, I wish, in his footsteps, in HPW wrestling in Columbus Indiana. Hoping to make him proud! Miss you my friend.