Monday, December 30, 2013

Sir Charles and the Daze of Olde - 1967 - Skoop - Santa Claus

We all have these daze, sitting on some wonderful 45's that you think everyone would have, with scads of info just waiting to be found. But, alas, sometimes you just can't find the band.

Sir Charles and the Daze of Olde, who are you? I've never heard a whisper of the identity of any of the band.

Maybe listening to the tunes will jog the brain cells.........

Comin' on Home
Baby Come Back

Good jangly tunes, from early 1967. The Skoop label is from Santa Claus, Indiana, so the band may be located somewhere nearby. Any ideas, info, speculation, or jeers is appreciated. Sir Charles has to be out there. Let's find them!

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