Monday, April 7, 2014

Tomorrow's Yesterday - Virgil Murray

Daleville she says. Where in the heck is Daleville, he wonders as he reads the e*mails as she exposes a hometown hero, Virgil Duane Murray. Muncie outskirts is the answer. Early 1968 is the time a young Virgil fronts "Virgil Murray's Tomorrow's Yesterday" she explains. Hmmm, he wonders as he sifts through the dusty vinyl trove that is the 60's indiana band szene life blood. Bingo! 

Virgil Murray's Tomorrow's Yesterday:
Virgil Murray - Guitar - lead singer
Paul Fields - bass
Ron Smith - keyboards
Bill Jordon - horns
Jerry Vickery - drums

I Still Care
Summer Dreamin'

Virgil went on to win a Grand ol' Opry contest in 1975 and recorded some county music as Duane Murray. Still at it today and has a strong fan base. Seems Paul, and Bill have all passed away.

Tomorrow's Yesterday "I Still Care" is a strong dance floor filler and a memorable tune written by Virgil and others....who is L. Huff and E. McGuire? Recorded in Detroit and released a Kool Kat label and thankfully Tommy Wills Airtown label also.

Special thanks to Joyce for the promo pic and putting up with my questions. Thanks to Virgil for the thumbs up on the post!


Joyce Isaacs said...

He also appeared on the Porter Wagoner Show with Skeeter Davis, Season 17, Episode 1.
As well as, WEWS-TV's 'Upbeat'which brought music acts to Cleveland to gain popularity across country in 1964 thru 1971.

Mr. Right said...

Tomorrow's Yesterday drummer Jerry Vickery is alive and well. He is a friend of mine and nowadays plays tennis, not much music anymore. But he does love to reminisce about his days in rock and roll. He was with the band from 1966 to 1971, as he recalls.
--Mr. Wright