Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hot August Nights - August 4th, 2007

A large number of musicians from Columbus (Indiana) are putting on a Memorial Jam in honor of several friends who have passed on. We would like to honor:
Greg Weisner, John Arrington, Ross Hubler, Bill Taylor, Jim Sparrow,
Garry Hamilton, Terry Green and others who are no longer with us. We
would also like to thank 4th Street Bar, Coca-Cola Bottling and Brands
Lumber for sponsoring this event. Please forward this message to your
friends. We hope to see you there.

Featuring Toby Myers band, (ask him about his '67 band - Clarence Brown's Memorial String Band! Not a violin or cello in sight!)

Also the "All-Star Reunion Band" Featuring members from:

Fabulous XL's
Grub & the Gargoyles
Garry & the Twi-liters
Raven Blues
3-Chord Monty

Come on down and pay your respects to the ones who helped blaze the '60s Rock & Roll trail in Columbus, Indiana!


Trent said...

I stumbled onto your website today, and am amazed at the number of friends and
class members of the 1960 to 1965 era that have passed away. You listed:

"Greg Weisner, John Arrington, Ross Hubler, Bill Taylor, Jim Sparrow,
Garry Hamilton, and Terry Green."

I played in the "Kut-Outs with JR Arrington during my junior and senior years at CHS. I was his pall-bearer while at home during my leave in the USAF, right
before I went into Viet Nam. Greg Weisner also got KIA, although I was not
aware of it until much later.

Bill Taylor died just recently, and he was in the XL's -- a group that I always
admired, and probably the most polished of all our bands.

However, I was not aware of the passing of the others in the above list.

Ross Hubler and I have crossed paths, and I was in a temporary band with him. When did he

Jim Sparrow was one of the XL's also, and I didn't know that he had died also.

Terry Green and I were in another short-lived band with Ron Freeman with Ron Slater in the 1970's. I didn't know he had died either.

Garry Hamilton was leader in "Garry and the Pacemakers," and he had a unique style of
guitar playing.

Just thinking about the good times we had back then, and the mourning of the passing of our youth reminds me of how temporary this fragile life is. If possible, could you list the dates that these great musicians passed?

I used to play bass with the guys listed above, and still do to amuse myself. Lately, I have taken to keyboard since it is easier on my arthritus. It hurts my thumb to use a pick, although I can use finger picking an alternative.

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

Bill Taylor passed away in June 2007, the great Garry Hamilton passed away March 23rd, 2007. God must have the greatest band there is, because we all lost some great musicians and dear friends!

64Fender said...

I just wanted to correct one little thing. An earlier post stated that Garry Hamilton was the leader of "Garry and the Pacemakers." He was the leader of Garry and the Twi-liters. If anyone has any recordings or any thing else related to the Twi-liters, I would love to have a copy.
Thanks for calling Garry, the GREAT Garry Hamilton.
I'm Garry's daughter!

Sydney94 said...

Hi, I am Sydney Peacock, a senior at Southport High School, and I am doing a project to honor fallen Vietnam Solidiers in the form of a memorial video. I was wondering if you had any information, pictures, letters, or any memories you would like to share about John R. Arrington. If so please email me at
Thank you for your time