Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Calientes - Watchmen - Columbus '66

Sorry for the lousy pic, this is from microfilm, but it's the best I've got. The Calientes and the Watchmen got together for this photo in Feb. '66. Terry Green of the Calientes is one of the deceased that Hot August Nights is paying tribute to.

Band Members , left to right:


Terry Green
Walter Bohall
Willie Bohall
Joe Beamon


Rick Waggoner
Eddie White
Craig Rust
Jeff Luzius

Two more bands, I'm sure two more great stories! Don't hesitate to share them with us.


Anonymous said...

I was "surfing" to try to track down my old friend Craig Rust when I stumbled onto this page.

The Watchmen came into being in the summer of 1965 and I was one of the original members. Jeff Luzius, Craig Rust and I started playing together and added Rick Waggoner on drums soon after. Initially we called ourselves "The Jeeps". Mark Galbraith also played drums with us.

We were pretty bad. We played 3 or 4 paying gigs.

I was older than the others and left for Purdue that fall. They replaced me with Eddie White (who could actually play) and became pretty good.

I would sit in with them over the holidays and during the summer, but my "rock star" days were over.

Rick Keller

vinylfool said...

Thanks for the note Rick! I've seen it both Geaps and Jeeps. I did get one note second hand from JT before:

"However, there was a garage band called the Geaps around 1963 or so. Four people. It was the very beginning of the Watchmen.

Rick Waggoner
Craig Rust
Rick Keller
JT Luzius"

Very cool, feel free to share any stories!

Anonymous said...

JT (still Jeff or "Da Turtle" to me) was right, it was "Geaps". It was actually an acronym, but I can't remember what it stood for.

The year was definitely 1965, the summer after I graduated from CHS. (Now "North Columbus" I'm told.)

Craig Rust and I had each gotten cheap Harmony acoustic guitars the previous Christmas, so that should give some clue as to how well we could play. Jeff was far better. Craig and I got electric guitars and Jeff taught us a lot in a short time.

You made mention of Grubb and the Gargoyles. I knew all those guys. Bill Overman also played guitar for them and he was pretty good, at least by 1965 local standards.

The only story I can share was probably from the summer of 1966. The Watchmen were playing a Battle of the Bands at the county fairgrounds on 25th street. I was helping out with sound and they had forgotten a piece of equipment at Jeff's house. I jumped in my car and rushed out to Jeff's folks place and had to break in to get it. (No damage, they never knew I did it.) I got back in time to hook it up and the show went on.

Tyrone Stoner said...

I was one of the original Calientes, Joe Beaman, Terry Green, Ed Calaway and myself, Tyrone Stoner. 1965, we all were attending Northside Junior High school. I have spoken with all the members at various Class reunions and sorry to hear about Terry Green.

After leaving the Calientes, I joined a band with Ron Freeman. I don't remeber the name of the band. We played at Lincoln Center, school dances and other venues in town. We took lessons as a group to expand our music list in hopes to get more gigs. The music we studied would have been for the older generation. One member of the new group, was in a band I was with in 1963 ( 7th grade ). I remember playing at Eagles Bar in downtown Columbus. That was strange, they didn't understand our music and kept telling us to turn it down. Today I can't believe at twelve and thirteen years of age we were playing in a place like that. Then it didn't matter, we were doing our thing, playing in a band!! Jim Hill was one of the four members of the latter group, name of band unknown. Really has been a long time ago.

Tyrone Stoner