Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Powder Puffs - '67 Merrillville Indiana

A guy e*mails me tonight and mentions the Powder Puffs . I have a lousy pic, but I have one none the less. Excuse the mention of Sir Winston & the Commons, they were one truly bitchin' band of the era, (and honest, I will do a feature on them this year), but the Powder Puffs take stage here. The Flame Club was one of the spots to be szene in '66 - '67.

Breaking news! Members names:

Ava Ave - Rhythm guitar
Gayle Marciniak - bass
Peggy Georgieff - lead guitar
Cindy White - drums

Special thanks to Matt @ for the nudge on the Powder Puffs and the members names! Check it out, I'm sure it's cool!


Rob said...

i used to go to school (franklin college) in the early 90s w/ a girl named marciniak, who - if i remember correctly - was from merrillville. i wonder if that's her mom on bass!

vinylfool said...

I hope you are still on good terms with her, it will help when you ask her for pics of her moms band! Hint Hint!

daz said...

I bought a 1969 Les Paul Custom original, it came with signed photos and band fliers from the Powder Puffs. The agent claims the guitar belonged to Ava. I would love to track down some old Lp's or singles as i had never heard this band..

John said...

Gayle's my cousin--I don't think the girl was hers. Sorry!

Mike Gallemore said...

I was married to the drummer, Cindy White. I still have a cassette tape of one of theor performances! Definitely a high energy act! And quite good too!

Michael O'Sullivan said...

Congrats for marrying Cindy, a wonderful person! Is she alive? Michael O'Sullivan

Michael O'Sullivan said...
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