Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fugitives - Indianapolis, Indiana

The Fugitives from Indianapolis, Indiana. Band member then Arlin Troutt, now known as U.S. Hemp (check out his site at came forward with this great info.

Here's just one one of his memories:

"My name is Arlin Troutt and I played at La Scene many times when Tom Breedwell ran it and lived up stairs in the old Fountain Square area of Indianapolis. I will be telling the story of when I played with the Fugitives. At the end of the show we played "Land of a Thousand Dances”. I lit the smoke bombs at the end of the show and caught the curtains on fire at Le Scene. Trapped behind the sheer flaming curtains were Tom's extremely young male Go-Go dancing friends creating silhouettes with their Speedo clad bodies for the audience. The crowd was so high on speed and LSD they thought the flames were part of the act and they were packed so tight they could not dance much less run. It was one of those stories that we can all laugh about now but it was almost an Indianapolis tragedy."

U.S. Hemp is working on a piece about Indiana Beach (tons o' cool bands played there!) and I will be waiting for it!

Pictured members:

Steve Grimmes - Drums (State Champion Band Drummer too!)
Jim Inman - Bass
Arlin Troutt - standing with Harmony electric guitar
Bruce Morford - seated with his then new Gibson 335
Bob Morford - organ

I'm still not sure if these are the Fugitives that recorded "Sticks & Stones" / "Lonely Weekends" on the Dust label. But as always, you know we are on the lookout for all the tunes from Indiana bands!

Thanks Arlin!


CopperScaleDragon said...

I remember that night! Fire and brimstone! It was great until we figured out it was not planned.

CopperScaleDragon said...

OK, it looks like I responded to this in the past, but apparently I did not read the post well. There were NEVER male dancers at LeScene that I remember at all. Not once and I was there all the time working in the coat room. I do remember smoke one night but not fire. I need to learn to read things completely before responding.