Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Idle Few - Indianapolis - Indiana - Kingsmen

The Idle Few were born of the Arlington Kings'Men from 1964. When they decided to cut a 45, the other Kingsmen (maybe you have heard of "Louie Louie"), kinda stood in the way of the Kingsmen name.
Members included:
Rick Webster - guitarist
Ronnie Bennett - Sax - Lead Vocals
Greg Taggart - Bass
Dan McLean - drums
Mark Grey - organ

Hear Farmer John and Another World here.

There is an ongoing debate as to whether the Idle Few also did a
45 on Blue Book with the titles "people that's why / land of dreams". I say not the same, but if I'm wrong, please let me know!!!

Update 1: Jason sent a scan showing the writer credits on the Blue Book 45. I'm sure now it's the same Idle Few. Now I have to get that 45.

Update 2: Did you notice the "Skeet Bushor" production tag? Skeet played in the "Boys Next Door" and had writer credits on the "Sounds Unlimited" 45. Great guy to keep your eye on!


Anonymous said...

my freind Don Larrabee and I were fans of the Kingsmen/Idle Few. As budding musicians attending Arlington High School from 1964 thru 1968,we always showed up when these guys were gigging. Whenever they played the Flame Club, it was the scene to make. Wether learning "chops"or picking up on their cool stage presence we learned alot from these guys. They were a very tight, polished,and profesional band. When we put together our band, The Poor Boys, in 1965, we modeled ourselves after these guys.Ronnie Bennet was the epitome of the Cool Frontman and vocalist, and Romine with his candy apple red Fender Jazz bass could lay down a serious groove that would get everybody on the dance floor. Rock on, John Ott

vinylfool said...

John! Thanks for checkin' in. I just have to know if you were part of the Poor Boys that recorded "Think of Livin' / Julie, Julie" on the Flame label. Send me a note about your band no matter what!


John said...

Just read in the Indianapolis Star that Rick Webster passed away last Tuesday October 21st at St. Vincents Heart Hospital. He was 62. Long live the IDLE FEW! John Blazier, Indianapolis, Indiana.

vinylfool said...

Bummer. I hadn't read the paper yet today, I get the Star and Columbus Republic daily.

You can view it here, seems like a top notch guy. Rick Webster Obit from Indy Star

Anonymous said...

Love The Site,I Lived Next Door To Sherwood And Worked There Back In The Day,The Idle Few Play There A Lot Ron Was Truely A Nice Guy,Sure Do Miss The Good Ole Days, Poe

Bob Brown said...

Interesting blog. I played guitar for a group called 'Ronnie and the Rascals' in the 1960s, as well as a number of other groups. The Flame Club was one of my favorite venues. Ron Blackstone, the lead singer of the group died in 2002. I have long since lost track of Lanny lambert, our bass player, but Rick Wilhelm and Mike Quick are alive and well.

Other notable venues from the '60s were the 'House of Sounds' in Plainfield, 'Westlake Country Club' and 'The Whiteland Barn.'

I no longer play music professionally, but have taken up the piano for my own enjoyment. I also shoot still photography, not only in America, but western Europe as well. Examples of my work can be seen on my website.

Bob Brown

CopperScaleDragon said...

Ahh the Idle Few. Did I list Greg Taggear for the wrong band in my last comment here? (International Silver String Submarine Band comment)

Anonymous said...

What a neat site! THanks guys for sharing all your memories...My dad (Rick Webster of the Idle Few) would have been tickled that people still talk about them. He loved his band and enjoyed every moment performing. I loved hearing his stories. It has been about a year and a half since he passed and I still love to listen to some of his old songs...He at one point had them converted to CD's!!! Just thought I would share my story!! THanks for keeping the memories alive! Sarah Webster

Anonymous said...

I was with Ron when he died many years ago. We dated back when the Idle Few/Kingsmen were one of the hottest groups in Indy. Strange we got back together in our 40's. Loved him dearly and miss him very much.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Rick Webster was my uncle (6 yrs older) and provided my earliest exposure to 60's rock and roll (among other things). He taught me my first guitar chords. As a 10 year old (1962), I remember playing the rhythm background to his lead on "Walk Don't Run". Dan McLean was my percussion mentor. He picked out my first drum set. The other two King's Men members, Paul Romine (bass), and John Chappelow (guitar), rounded out the original combo. Ron Bennett came aboard around the time of the name change to The Idle Few, and Bill Compton replaced Romine. Ron Knoop played keys. Chappelow died in a car crash on the way home from a gig (summer of '67 I think). As a tribute, they opened every succeeding show with "Johnny B. Goode". Bennett died in 1996. Rick Webster died in 2008. As a footnote, in 1966, I became the drummer for a group called "The Tikis" a regionally recognized band from northern Indiana, and I have a nephew who continues the tradition in Connecticut. Dave Webster

Joseph Kuklak said...

Didn't The Idle Few do a Christmas song?

Anonymous said...

Around 5 or 6 years ago I read a story in the Star about Steve Drybread, bassist in the Boys Next Door, that stated that he was killed in a plane crash in Hamilton County, I think. If this was the same guy, no mention was made of his association with the group. I called the writer of the story, at the paper, and she wasn't aware if he was the "Steve". If anyone can verify this story, please reply to this site.

vinylfool said...

This is from the NCHS alumni website for Steve's scholarship awards.

"Steven (Steve) Drybread was a North Central graduate who played Electric Bass and Saxophone in a popular 60's band, named "The Boys Next Door". Steve died test-flying one of his customer's planes in May 2002."

Alas, I didn't know either.

Anonymous said...

I graduated from Arlington in 1964 and was good friends with Rick Webster, Dan McClean, and Johnny Chappelow. In 1965 we formed a fun but not big time band called "The Five Fates" Reb Porter liked us and got us a lot of gigs.
Members were John Atkins - Rhythm Guitar, Tim Thompson - Lead Guitar - Dana Tygrett - Bass - Frankie McMahon - Drums and Steve Augustin - Vocals.
I got drafted in 1966 and the band kinda fell apart. Aaaah the memories of The Flame, Indiana Roof, Claypool Hall, Purple Panther, and The Whiteland Barn.
John Atkins

Anonymous said...

I graduated from Arlington High School in 1964 and was friends with Rick Webster, Danny Mclean, and a great guy Johnny Chappelow. We formed a fun but not top of the mill band in 1965 called "The Five Fates" John Atkins-Rhythm - Tim Thompson-Lead - Dana Tygrett-Bass -Frankie McMahon - Drums and Steve Augustine - Vocals.
The memories of The Purple Panther-Whiteland Barn-The Flame-Indiana Roof-Claypool Hotel Ball Room - And The Diana Shop at The Meadows. Reb Porter took a liking to us and helped a lot. I got drafted in 1966 and the band kinda went away. Wish I had my guitar back with "JOHNNY" in chrome letters that I was forced to sell.
It was a good time indeed. By the way the Five Fates are fire, plague,flood,famine, and death. I was fire.
John Atkins

Anonymous said...

I was the drummer for the IDLE FEW on the recording of "PEOPLE THAT'S WHY" and "LAND OF DREAMS". I may have the only two copies known to man.I was also the drummer for THE NOBLEMEN and may have the only two copies of "SHE STILL THINKS I LOVE HER" AND "SATISFIED". MAN, WHAT A RIDE.

oldgatorlady said...

I too long ago dated Ron. I always hoped he would find calm n someone wonder ful. I am so happy he had u. What did he do after the band broke up, how did he die n when? Thank u Linda

Jim M said...

Does anyone on this site remember where the Highland Barn was located? I remember playing there with one of my bands (The Cloud, The Poor Boys or Reformation) but I can't remember whether it was located in Highland, south of Indy. Anyone remember?

Anonymous said...

Nah, the Blue Book guys were from N. England

Anonymous said...

You have to be thinking about the Whiteland barn that was on the south side of town.