Monday, October 13, 2008

Other Five 1966

The Other Five, from Indianapolis, I believe.

Front row -Mike Ryan
Dan Koontz
back row-
Jabe Christman
J. Michael
Lynn Asper

I don't know much about the Other Five other than one 45 on
Baus, or maybe BA-US, hard to tell. Both sides are covers, and you
can hear them now:
Better Come Home
You Really Got Me
You may recognize the name Mike Ryan from the Teen Tones. I think he was the vocalist here also. Any insight appreciated!

Special thanks to J. Michael for the pic!


Mike Ryan said...

The Other Five was comprised of Ball State University students and worked out of Muncie, IN. The picture on your website is one of the early photos of the group. J.B Christman: keyboards,trombone & vocals. J. Michael Henderson: guitar & vocals (only 13yrs. old) Lynn Asper: bass,trumpet & vocals. Dan Koontz: drums. Mike Ryan: Saxophone & Lead Vocal. Not pictured, Terry Graefnitz(deceased): guitar. Lynn Asper is retired college professor. Dan Koontz is a MD working in Phoenix. Mike Ryan is a retired school principal and currently plays with the Souled Out Band ( J. Michael Henderson is teaching and performing in LA. J.B. Christman is lost somewhere in the US.
Yes, Mike Ryan was the lead singer for the Teen Tones in South Bend, IN. Keep up the good work. I really enjoyed your site.
Mike Ryan

Anonymous said...

Mike Ryan is now in the band Souled Out.

Their website is

Anonymous said...

Dan Koontz is still actively
performing as a rock show drummer with his Sonar Double Bass Kit boasting 17 Zildjian Cymbals, well known for soul man extended solo's, busier than a one armed paper hanger as he illuminates concerts with electricity, excitement, igniting fans into an orbital euphoric feeding frenzy~!

Charlie Scott said...

JB Christman is deceased. Alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Terry Graefnitz is pictured (with his foot propped up on the bench). He is my cousin and died way too young.

J. Mammen

Dan said...

Yes, Terry Graefnitz was one of the finest guitar players in the world who could play any style of music. We were fortunate to have Terry as an important part of The Other Five. We all miss him and his family.

We lost Terry and his wife Chris in a fatal car accident the night before the Indianapolis 500 leaving three beautiful daughters, Terry's brother Little Dave, loving relatives and thousands of friends! I would love to hear from their family. Please email:

Dave Larson said...

I was Terry's roommate at Ball State in 1966-67. He was a great guitarist and tried to teach me the guitar along with Dave Layton. I went into the Navy in 1968 and lost track of Terry until I heard of the traffic accident that took his life. Two cars drag racing along 38th St and ran a red light broadsiding the car Terry and Chris were riding in.
I occasionally went with Terry on some of their gigs. The whole band was extremely talented. Also sorry to hear about JB.
Dave Larson

Dan Koontz said...

Dan's current email address:

You may listen to Dr Dan in his daily radio broadcast, Click on Healthy House Call. Also, access his present website:
M-F, 9-10 a.m. MST