Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ronnie & the Rascals - 1967

Another lead, another band found, kinda....

Ronnie & the Rascals, the ad you see is from May, 1967.
Bob Brown left a message on the Idle Few's page:

"Interesting blog. I played guitar for a group called 'Ronnie and the Rascals' in the 1960s, as well as a number of other groups. The Flame Club was one of my favorite venues. Ron Blackstone, the lead singer of the group died in 2002. I have long since lost track of Lanny Lambert, our bass player, but Rick Wilhelm and Mike Quick are alive and well.

Other notable venues from the '60s were the 'House of Sounds' in Plainfield, 'Westlake Country Club' and 'The Whiteland Barn.'

I no longer play music professionally, but have taken up the piano for my own enjoyment. I also shoot still photography, not only in America, but western Europe as well. Examples of my work can be seen on my website.

Bob Brown "

Thanks for the info Bob! Please contact me with your website information and e*mail, and I'll get the skinny straight from you.


Great pics from Bob Brown!

Left to right:
Mike Quick
Rick Wilhelm
Ronnie Blackstone (with umbrella)
Lanny Lambert
Bob Brown

Another great shot from Dino Enterprises, owned by Norm Viehe. Many an area combo were under the wing of Norm. Seems Norm also played drums, the J.D. Combo shared Norm and Bob as members!

Ronnie & the Rascals played mostly R&B (that was the top 40 in the mid sixties!) "In the Midnight Hour, Shotgun, Hold on, I'm Comin', Turn on Your Lovelight, etc".

Bob also played with the Noblemen before they recorded the 45 they left us.

Another photo - from left:

Ronnie - top center

Great info, and Bob was in a few bands, and that means more leads!
Thanks again, Bob! Pretty cool.


Joe Wheeler said...

Used to have a band called the Zircons come over and play at dances at the High School at Westfield, Indiana. They were from Lebanon, Indiana. They had 4 in the band, 2 wore red sequined shirts and 2 wore blue sequined shirts. This was the 1964-1966 time frame.

vinylfool said...

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the note on the Zircons. I have some ads for "Sir Douglas & the Zircons", would that be the same? Please contact me with more band names!

Anonymous said...

I am the 1st grand daughter of ronald blackstone. he was an amazing man when he was still with us. he is dearly missed by many and will always be spoken of. i miss him so much. R.I.P. Grandpa! I love you! "you are the best R&B singer that i've ever heard."
nobody in my whole life has ever told me im beautiful, as much as my grandpa did. i miss you grandpa! many hugs and kisses!
Lydia Marie Blackstone Price

Anonymous said...

I knew Ron Blackstone quite well, and actually did play a little music with him in the 1970's. He had the most amazing voice. Ronnie & the Rascals opened for Sonny and Cher at Clowe's Hall, Cher was so impressed she wanted to take the band back to
L.A. to record, sadly it did not happen.He really was a R@B legend.
Bill Armstrong

Dale Robbins said...

I played drums with Ronnie Blackstone's group in 1971, which was after the split up of the Rascals three years or so earlier. Rob Swaine was the lead guitarist then. This was at the same time that I worked at Phelan's Music Studios on Main Street in Carmel, and we rehearsed there in the basement. Ronnie had a tremendous raspy voice, with a style that was ahead of his time.

Emma Kinkead said...

He was my grandpa Ronnie. I only knew him up until I was 6 years old. The last memory I have he wanted to teach me the song, "I could have danced all night" from the play "My fair lady", and he did. It was all I ever had from him. At his funeral, I sang the song. I listen to it time and time again when I think of him. Last week, my husband and I were driving home and I started talking to him about my grandpa while we were listening to "The Animals". My heart burns too read others talking of him also. "In loving memory". They say the best thing you can do to honor loved ones who have passed is to speak of them as if they're still here. I long to hear my grandpa's voice, I never really heard him sing. I'd love to see the movie he acted in again also. Just one more day to sit at his feet and sing with him. Peace and love, Grandpa