Monday, February 2, 2009

Emeralds - Greenwood - 1966

It's March 1966, and the Emeralds are hot!
Hailing from Greenwood, Indiana, the boys, from top of ladder:

Pat Gwynn - Drums
Dale Young (Center Grove High School) - organ
Dave Church (far left) - rhythm guitar
Roger Craig - bass guitar
Dan Weaver (far right) - lead guitar

The Emeralds placed 1st in the Johnson County Fair competition,
1st in the Greenwood Battle of the Bands,
and 10th in Young America band battle at the State fair.
They even appeared on local TV showing their chops.
Showing off 5 of the 800 copies pressed on the Honey label (Bloomington? Confirmation?) the Emeralds were seemingly off to bigger things.

Hear that first 45 now!

Emerald City

Like Father, Like Son

As it seems all bands change personnel, Dave Wilson replaced Dale Young on organ. And the Boroughed Tyme were born. I've also seen it as:

Borrowed Tyme
Boroughed Tymes.
Shown here heading to Chicago and the TeenAge World's Fair, and a recording session at Recordings Unlimited.

Then of course I lose track of them. What happened to that session, and/or the tapes?
What other bands did the boys go to? What happened to their Fan Club (that's right, they had a fan club!) ?

The 60's hoosier band fans want to know!


Anonymous said...

Dale Young, Ralph Wilson, & Bob Francis replaced Dave Wilson, Dan Weaver, & Roger Craighead Continuing on with Dave Church and Pat Gwynn to complete the Borroughed Tyme and performed their last performance in summer of 1968. As for the future in 1973 thru 1974 Dale Young and Dave Church combined with Jeremiah Hoover, Tommy Lanham, & Allen Haltom to rock em hard with the band Called Freeway that performed in the Central Indiana area Nightclubs. Only Demo tapes remain from those performances. More on the collective history of Roger Craighead and Dale Young, of whom continued of throughout the 70s,80s, & 90s!!

Anonymous said...

...exeptional find, a real gem (specially the b-syde)

thanks a lot

MichaelVee - Milano -

Anonymous said...

My name is Dale Young and my e-mail address is irishkeysi@*****.com I can add some history from through the late-60s,70s,80s,90s, and early 2000s for members of Emeralds and Borroghed Tyme. These members include Dave Church, Roger Craighead, Dale Young, & some history on Ralph Wilson.
You see the Borroughed Tyme had changes to it, until it performed it's last gig in the summer of 1968. Through the history of Emeralds and Borroughed Tyme there was always a certain magic that was collective. Maybe it was Dave Church's lead vocals, or the sincerity of Pat Gwynn's presence on percussion. The material they performed was always the latest hits, & always strong with dance rhythms. There was a certain pride to keep the show rolling continuously without dead gaps. If the band didn't sweat, it wasn't giving it's best!!!

Planet Mondo said...

Tarantino's gonna love this if he gets his mitts on it...

And how about that Dale Young dropping in..'mazing