Thursday, October 14, 2010

Roosevelt & the 7 C's - Muncie

Roosevelt Johnson & the 7 C's, direct to you from Muncie, Indiana.
Top to bottom - Right to left:

Roosevelt Johnson -
Phil Dunn - Trumpet & Vocals
Phil Mann - Bass & Vocals
Allen Henry - Sax
Dennis (Dino) Springer - Drums
Bob Duncan - Trombone
Hubie Ashcraft - Guitar
Gary Thresher - Keyboards

This a true collaborative affair, Jason sent a photo of the band back in 2007. Didn't ring a bell, but put it in the "to do" file. John Hiatt mentions that he was in a band - Roosevelt & the 7C's - BINGO! Although John wasn't in the band that recorded, he put me in touch with Dennis, who was 16 (!) at the time of the 1st 45. Dennis sent a 45 to John via someone else. and we have some groovin' R&B sides here.

Black Jack 713 (scan courtesy of Dante Carfagna)

Call On Me

And although it's not in my 60's focus, here is another 45 from the team.

Rondo 1118:
We were always sweethearts / Black Cat

The 7 C's were from Muncie save Hubie, who hailed from Seymour. Hubie went on to play on the John Cougar Mellencamp demos. The band existed from '65 to 1973.

Has to be lots of stories about this band. Chime in!!!!!


Micaela said...

Thank you for posting this article. Roosevelt Johnson was my grandfather (Rest His Soul) This is such a rewarding, heart warming thing to see!!!

Anonymous said...

I was in the band in the early 70s. I played bass and two friends, Mark Kelly and Doug Melton were on drums and lead guitar, respectively. We played many gigs, some in Fort Wayne, Bunker Hill AFB, Muncie, Elwood and Anderson. I brought a Jerry Hahn Brotherhood album to practice one day and we learned Captain Bobby Stout. We played with the Drifters at Bunker. Good times. I wish you all the best.
-- Kevin Cleaver

Ginger Phillips said...

I knew your Grandfather when he sang with Mandrake in the 70's. He was a great singer and a really nice guy!