Thursday, December 2, 2010

Boys Next Door - Indianapolis

Steve says - Let there be music, and it is good! Links are live now for the songs! Merry Christmas!

What can I possibly add to the story of the "Boys Next Door"?
7 Singles - major labels - numerous newspaper articles - sterling reputations - what can I add?

The nucleus of the band:
Steve Lester - Lead guitar / vocals / trombone
Skeet Bushor - Keyboards / vocals / trumpet
Jim Koss - Drums / vocals / guitar
Steve Drybread / Bass / Sax / vocals
Jim Adams / Rhythm guitar

The band signed with Mercury records and was promptly renamed the "Four Wheels", without the bands knowledge. Five members, four wheels, oh well. Soon reclaiming the "Boys Next Door" moniker, five more 45's followed.
"Sneaky Little Sleeper/Ratchet" (Delaware# 1703) (as Four Wheels)

"Central High Playmate/Cold 45" (Soma# 1428) (Four Wheels)
"Begone Girl/See The Way She's Mine" (Atco# 6477)

"Mandy/One Face In The Crowd" (Atco# 6443)

"The Wildest Christmas/Christmas Kiss" (Bad# 1301)

"There is no greater Sin/I Could see me Dancing With You" (Cameo# 394)

"Why Be Proud/Suddenly She was Gone" (Soma# 1439)
What can I add... how about a video from Clowes Hall - featuring the Boys Next Door and their version of "Catch us If You Can".

The band was featured in the local "Teen Tempo" m
agazine. Journalism lite, but very cool for the day.

Heck, even Bobby Goldsboro believed the band was golden. But grand success never came, and the band left one by one. Steve Drybread was the only member that remained through it all. I didn't include any songs today because the a CD is still available, tho out of print, of the bands tunes and some unreleased songs. Highly recommended. However, if Steve gives his blessing, I'll add them for the world to admire.


Anonymous said...

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Rick Wilkerson said...

Great stuff as always. Especially the video. Priceless!

Evan said...

From the November 1966 Teen Tempo: The Boys Next Door play a rooftop gig in Speedway.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! I remember they did a dance I attended at North Central in 66 or 67.

Bill Brecht said...

Wow! Do I remember the Boys Next Door.
Their career matched my high school years 63 - 67.
I was a singer and a drummer in Indy bands during those days. I became friends with Jim Koss (drums) and when my band "The Four Score - Terry & John Talbot, Ted Delang and Bill Brecht" won the state fair battle of the bands Skeet Bushor and Jim Koss wrote/produced a record for us. "A Girl As Sweet As You"/"Little Brother" on Dunwich. Delang and I were soon out of the band which the Talbot brothers formed into.Mason Profit.
I'd really like to get my hands on that recording : )

My favorite memories are riding with Koss in his Corvette to a BND gig with the Kingsmen. Also singing 4 part harmonies with those guys on their tour bus.
Great band, Great singers. Good people

Bill Brecht BRHS 67

vinylfool said...

Bill, you need to e*mail me so we can talk. Look forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a blast from the past!!!

The Boys Next Door were my favorite band growing up in Indy.
My friend and I saw them almost every weekend. If not them, then one of the other groups mentioned here and elsewhere on your blog.

We followed them all over the state and ended up riding with them on the tour bus because Skeet's wife Judy didn't want us driving all of the time.

I still have all of their music and articles packed away somewhere.

stillrockin67 said...

They played numerous gigs in Vincennes, IN, and they were fantastic. They were so engaging, and the lead singer had a set of eyes that mesmerized all of the girls in the audience.

Anonymous said...

Easily my favorite local Indy Band. Skeet lived in my neighborhood and kept their majestic bus in his driveway. Not many bands had their own tour bus! I was fortunate to have seen them twice at the University of Evansville in their final months together. I saw one of their last performances at the armory in Evansville, and like every other time, they were absolutely great.

Unknown said...

According to Steve Lester, Drybread
passed away. I believe Steve Drybread left The Boys Next Door.
I know they performed without a bass player and I think I saw them with a new bassman before their original break-up.

Dan Kincaid said...

Steve was into experimental aircraft, and was killed when his crashed. According to his brother, he took the plane up not knowing that the bolts that held a wing on were not installed. Normally the bolts were kept inside the plane where they could be seen as not installed. Somehow the bolts were removed from the cockpit, and Steve apparently did not realize the bolts were not installed.

davepeach said...

The bus is in Huntington Indiana at Clarks salvage yard. I searched and found this blog to find out the history. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I think it was for the grand opening of girls clothing store.

Anonymous said...

So so glad I saw this. A little late but still... I was always in love with JK. Love starting at around 13/14. I still think about him all these years later. 💓

Judy George said...

I was madly in love with Jim Koss from the age of 13. I was to young to travel all over but saw them when ever they played in Indy. I would love to still have their songs.To bad about Bread!

Jim Thiles said...

I saw a group in Omaha in the late 60

I remember a group playing at Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha with the same name. They opened for the Dick Clark Cavelcade of Stars tour.I can't remember the main attraction but this group was better. If I remember them 45 years later, they left an impression.

Anonymous said...

I remember These guys well. They were a great band and had great harmony which is something I really like. I was in a couple bands myself as a lead guitar player. I only sang 2 songs and one of them was Why Be Proud. I don't remember the chords to it though. If anybody knows the chords please post them for me. I would like to sing it again. Thank you.