Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rojay Gotee - 1965

Big label fun. Liberty records had the access to the best session musicians, i.e. the Wrecking Crew, but thankfully local solo act Rojay Gotee used an up and coming local band for the support. Introducing Rojay Gotee with Sir Winston and the Commons providing the backing tracks.

Best guess is Rojay is/was actually Robert Youngs.

Always a different sound when someone else writes the music. Enjoy this early example of the mighty Sir Winston and the Commons.

Thunder n' Lightnin
Miss Jantje Jones

Last post of the year, looking forward to 2011. Keep the leads and comments coming!


bobb said...

Just discovered your excellent blog:).

vinylfool said...

Cool, stick around for the ride! Any insight is always appreciated.

Rick Wilkerson said...

Those are both awesome tracks. Great find, never heard of them. Do you know if Sir Winston backed other acts like this?

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for another rare gem!

Happy 2011 and all the best from Italy

Brian said...

I found this record myself in a 25-cent bin at a record store that was liquidating its stock. Who would have guessed that it was an Indiana record? Both sides are great. What a find!

donna said...

I have your original 45, which you gave me in 1966 when we lived in Indpls., Indiana. My son Michael is interested in your music, if this is Rojay's blog. If this isn't Rojay, is there any way to contact him or have him contact us?

Steve Sells said...

Don Basore was the lead singer of Sir Winston & the Commons. We both attended Northwest High School (Indianapolis). "Thunder & Lightning" was a local hit in the summer of 1965. As I understand it -- the song was pulled from distribution due to the band not belonging to the union.

Nathalie Nichols said...

Does anyone have any information about Robert (Rojay)????? He has a son who has been trying to find him for years. Any information would be most appreciated. It would mean the world to his son.