Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Psycodillys - Ft. Wayne - 1967

Late 1967 - the Psycodillys take the stage, and the world will never be the same. Well at least Ft. Wayne experienced the band.

Dave Hetrick - rhythm guitar
Tom Oberholtzer - bass
Paul Derloshon - lead guitar
Kent Hirschey - drums
Bob Dinse - lead singer

All were students at Concordia H.S.. The Psycodillys were named for the psychedelic trend at the time. Of course their idol at the time was the "Incredible Boss Mother" Frank Zappa! Very cool!

"Plans for the not too distant future are many. We plan to cut a record, and join the Ft. Wayne Musicians Union, says Paul. After graduation they hope to buy a van and tour the United States." (credit Kathy Murfield)

Ok boys, what dreams were fulfilled? We want to know!

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