Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Shillings - Ft. Wayne

The Shillings - another story of a band that I know nothing about, save that they were from Ft. Wayne, circa 1967.
Pretty interesting promo shot with a collection of odd artifacts, with seemingly no rhyme nor reason.

Our mission, identify these guys. They need to be remembered, as maybe they went on to greatness elsewhere!

Thanks to Wil of the Jersey Chains for the generous use of the photo!


MBM said...

Small world. This is Mike Mankey of the Olivers, Triad and Music By Mike. The Schillings were from my old neighborhood in Fort Wayne. The guys in the band were Jack Vaubel on bass, Don Vaubel on guitar, Jerry Vachon on lead guitar Dick Vachon on drums and I can't recall the keyboardists name but will eventually. I'll get back to you.

Anonymous said...

how do i dowenload these?

MBM said...

What do you mean by download these?

Anonymous said...

The Schillings became the definitive local Jimi Hendrix tribute act, playing a superb evening of Hendrix one night when I attended at the Fort Wayne Hullabaloo Club out near Harris Rd. Extremely accomplished act at the time. -- S.T. (keys) formerly Surf Suns/Boston Creme Pie/Walden etc.

Gene Cothron said...

I remember Jerry, Dick & Jack. Jerry was a kick-ass guitarist, played a vintage Les Paul that would be worth a bundle today.

They played Le Scene in Indy fairly regularly.

MBM said...

It's Mike again. I finally found out the name of the keyboardist, it was Bob Sharon. All of the members were good friends of the Olivers.