Saturday, February 25, 2012

Galabooches - Northern Indiana

The Galabooches. I had almost forgotten about the Galabooches when I received an inquiry about a 45 for sale. I didn't have an extra, and it turns out her father (band member) didn't have one either. I find this is not unusual. Time is our friend and is certainly a pack-rat.

The Galabooches were comprised of:

Lonnie Lawson - Drummer
Thelmer Lawson - Lead Singer
Martin Pickett -
Hector Hogan -
Gary Brewer -

The Galabooches left us a great 45, with a rockin' go away girl song, backed with a broken love ballad.

I'll Never Work Out <--click to play!
She Doesn't Care <--click to play!

The band should have left us more material! The Galabooches defied sleuthing for over 45 years, and I'm proud to have them here! Let's get some comments going to show the appreciation!

This just in! Photo shows brothers Thelmer and Lonnie in the background at drumset. Nice gear!


johnnie o said...

I have been looking for a copy of this outstanding 45 for some time. They had a nice sound. Do you happen to know how long the group was together? Thanks for the post

WESTEX said...

Great band name...

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing this was released early in 1967. I stopped by Bud Pressner's studio in the late 70's to try and elicit some information about the Staff and Hi-Hat releases, but didn't have much luck. Said he was too busy. He did give me a 12 January 1967 recording date for #186, which happened to be on the Frontier label (Rex White was the artist; I had both of these in my collection at the time.) Everything was in the same numbering series, so this was probably a spring 1967 recording date, I should think.

Summer said...

Lonnie(my dad) and thelmer actually are brothers. Thanks for this post though. Still looking for the 45. I was trying to give it him for father's day but maybe next year :-/

Hector Hogan said...

My grandfather is hector he is so happy to see this ye is also trying to get a 45

vinylfool said...

Thanks for writing, tell Grandfather that many, many people are looking for this 45! It's well worth it.

Anonymous said...

Hi all. Dave here. I grew up in East Gary and lived in the house directly behind the Lawson home. I took guitar lessons from Thelmer in 1968. I can still remember riding on a flatbed trailer "playing" their song in a parade. Jack boots, straight leg black pants, white turtle neck shirts and a black jacket. Thelmer gave me a love of music I still own to this day...egads...almost 50 years ago. If anyone knows how to get hold of the girl Summer who commented on here, I have the 45 to give her. Thanks.