Thursday, March 8, 2012

Satan's Sinners

How could a band named "Satan's Sinners" go wrong. One would expect a wild grooving tune. Maybe even a song about debauchery or the misplaced pleasures of the wrong side of the tracks. What we have is a unusual a-side and the basic ballad b-side. I believe that the 45 is from 1966 based on the pressing plant info available.
Who are they? From the label info:
A. Bennett - vocals
B. Eakins - vocals
L. Smith - vocals

Heck, let's hear some songs and let us know who "Satan's Sinners" are!
T. T. Termiter
Why don't they leave us alone

Our mission, should we decide to accept it, who are they?

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Dr S said...

You should think about adding the search function to you blog - I am looking for Goshen's Dukes :-)