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Another of those annoying " anyone recognize" posts

Anyone have any idea who this might be? Any clues, real or imagined, are welcome.

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The Male Men - Ft. Wayne 1965-66

 The Male Men were the house band for a local TV show "21 A Go-Go" from Oct. '65 to Feb. '66.



Band Members included: 
Wallace Geller - Lead Singer
Rick Thomas - Lead Guitar
Rick Johnston - Rhythm Guitar
Dave Armstrong - Bass Guitar
Jim Brickly - Drums
No recordings of the "Male Men", but we know that doesn't always stay that way! Lead Singer Wallace Geller still sings though. 

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Please note!

Our e*mail contact has changed to!

Thanks to some lowlife using my as his/her/them personal spam-bot, I am forced to abandon it. If you were affected by the spam, please wish a pox on them and anyone they work with.

Thanks in advance.

Monday, March 30, 2020

We have a band, we have a gig, but how do we get there? Some recruited mom and dad's wagon , or some had their own wheels, but some had a "band van"! Imagine the pride when one tooled around town in the band van. The chicks swooned, the guys grudgingly gave a thumbs up. Let me know what you had, and I'd love to add to this collection of Indiana Band vans!