Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Olivers - 1966 Phalanx 1022 - Ft. Wayne, Indiana

The Olivers released one great 45, and as I'm lucky enough to have it, you will hear the "A" side "I Saw What You Did" today. Later this week, I'll post "Beaker Street" the "B" side. I'll keep trying to track down these guys and find out what their influences were. Truly bitchin', I wonder what the aborted LP would be like.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Olivers - Ft. Wayne Indiana 1965 - 1967

The Olivers from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, evolved from the Serfmen. 2 45s on the nemfres label (Serfmen spelled backwards). Pictured are not the full line-up that created the wonder that is "Beaker Street / I Saw What You Did". Mike Mankey replaced the original guitarist and co-writer of Beaker Street, Jason Penndorf (stage name Jason Ritchie). Billy Franze replaced Greg Church on bass.

Members pictured include:
Chuck Hamrick - drums
Bill Franze - bass
Mike Mankey - lead guitar
Carl Aldrich - Organ

The Olivers waxed one of the best 2-sided 45s that I've had the pleasure of having, and reported to have an aborted LP in the can recorded in Minneapolis, whereabouts of the tapes unknown. Tomorrow.....hear "I saw what you did" from the Phalanx 1022 45!

Monday, March 19, 2007

The End - North Central HS - '66 Indianapolis

The End (not The Endd of Seascape 45s fame), but this band seemed to have lasted for at least a year ('66-'67). And for added bonus points, played at a killer high school reunion show in 2004. Hell, when your school boasts The Boys Next Door, Sounds Unlimited, and The Joys of Life (in addition to The End)you just couldn't go wrong!
The End included:
Dave Rust - Keyboards
Dave McAloon - Bass
Steve Goodwin - Drums
Jack Weber - Guitar
Dave Crockett - Sings
John Rau - Guitar

No 45 known, but give this boys their dues!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sceptors - Jeffersonville, Indiana 1967

Here's the pic I promised of the Sceptors of Jeffersonville, Indiana. This is from Sept. '67.I've found a couple others too, but none list the band member names. A friend of mine was the editor of the Columbus Republic (the local paper) at this time (mid '60s). He complains (still) that the promoters didn't always name the performers. That would have made my research much easier!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bent Scepters- 1966

Though the entire year 1966, this is the only reference to a band playing in Seymour, Indiana. That just can't be right. The Bent Scepters, these may have been also known as the Sceptors of Jeffersonville, Indiana. They played in Columbus a few times in '66 & '67. No names yet, but I think I have a photo I can post later this week. Prost!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mankynd - Franklin, Indiana ?

The Mankynd combo, I believe hailed from Franklin, Indiana. This is from December, '66. Left to right, front to back:
Steve Mullikan
Tony Rinehart
Steve Webb
Mike Yates
Bill Hahn

I have no idea if they recorded, and I sure don't have a 45 of this group. If any of you are watching, tell us about your band!!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Dawnells - Bogan Records

Tonight's installment is the Dawnells. I don't have a photo, but I know one exists (seen in the way out of print "Hoosier Hysteria"). Managed by TAGG Productions out of Bloomfield Indiana (same as the Sons Of Sound). Bogan Records (no #) Little Egypt / Scorpion. Little Egypt is the lieber-stoller tune, while Scorpion is your basic rockin' instrumental If you know who gave us these wonderful tunes, please help us. Meanwhile, listen to Little Egypt here.

This poster was found by Scott, who's father booked the Dawnells often at Dietz Lake. Thanks Scott!

From Olney, IL, this poster dates from 1967.

Mike sent a link to a YouTube Video:


Many great band pics on this video! The song rocks too!

Undated photo shows the Dawnells as a five piece, later shots have four members.

Mike Gater
Maurice Gater
Kenny Chaney - Lead Singer
Mike Parton - Bass
Larry Smith - Drums
Mike Baines - replaced Mike Parton

Kenny and wife were killed by a drunk driver in 1972.

Friday, March 2, 2007

The Lords of London

A band from Cardinal Ritter High School (August -'66).
Members included,
front to top:
Frank Wechsler (lead guitar)
Mike Lekse (bass)
Marty Lambert (rhythm guitar)
Richie Medvescek (organ)
Harry Cangany (drums).
Medvescek is a pretty uncommon name, perhaps he was a brother of John Medvescek of Sir Winston & the Commons fame (to be discussed here later)


Richie Medvescek, keyboards (yes, he is Johnny's brother-of Sir Winston and the Commons)
Harry Cangany, drums
Marty Lambert, rhythm guitar and lead vocals
Mike Lekse, bass
Frank Wechsler, lead guitar

Thanks Harry for the pics! Frank released a Cd last year, look him up!