Friday, February 26, 2010

Saharas - Plymouth

For your consideration, from Plymouth High School - 1966 - we present The Saharas.

The Saharas were chosen to be the music of the kids for the Republican party fundraisers. Maybe because of these kids (parents were business and country club socialites) Nixon won the '68 election.
The Saharas traveled to Columbus in '66, and this was the only photo I could find. The Go-Go girls were a hit, but the word is they played "too loud". Hard to imagine, but times were different.

Members were:

Larry Truman
Kurt Kralovanshy
Jim Boudreau
Dan Williams
Steve Robertson

The Saharas left us one 45, with a truly dazzlin' sleeve.
Hear the songs:

Spirit of '66
Because of Him

Hope we hear from the guys (or gals). I wrote to Kurt back in '98 or '99, but never heard back. Hope they are all doing well, and still love the music.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Teaberry Scandal

The Teaberry Scandal. Great name, unknown kids, until now!
Purdue University connection, solid Indiana lead, now we have some names!
And those names:

Keith Vanderhook (?) - lead singer
Bob Leavell - Drums
Dennis ("Turkey") Heinz - Lead guitar
Bob Keller - 12 string guitar
Steve Behr - Bass

And who do we thank for the info? It's right there on the photo. I wrote to Gerald Goldhaber, and he replied right away:

"Wow! We were together from 1966-70, sponsored by Clark Gum Company (who made Teaberry Gum), a division of Philip Morris. I had contacted the head of PR at Clark/Philip Morris, just to get some help with uniforms....bands wore suits, etc. in those days. Boy, was I surprised when he flew to Lafayette, IN and the rest is history. The lead singer was Keith Vanderhook (I think), the drummer was Bob Leavell, the lead guitar was Dennis ("Turkey") Heinz, the 12-string guitar was Bob Keller and the bass player was Steve Behr. We played all over the country, starting at Purdue with sororities and fraternities, then the National Candy Show (Boston, MA), competed in the Little Rock, AK National pop/jazz festival, were offered a recording contract by Capital Records (which we never signed because the band broke up). My wife, Marylynn, and I used to travel with the band to various gigs in the U.S. in a UHaul truck; we made about $200-300/gig, a fortune in the '60' The band wrote its own music in order to get ready for Capital Records, but they broke up, due to lost interest, travel schedules, graduation, etc. We used to put a 7' wooden stick of Teaberry Gum on the stage at our gigs and at the end of each set, we threw out hundreds of packs of gum to the true bubble gum fashion. Towards the end, they changed their name to "The Scandal" to be a bit more edgy."

Fabulous eh? Tons of questions as usual:
Any recordings?
Top 40 or originals?
Best gig, gig from hell?
Where are we now?

Keep 'em coming gang! This starts our 4th year!!!!!!!!