Sunday, July 24, 2011

Six in the Morning - Elkhart

Presenting "Six in the Morning" from Elkhart , Indiana. This is one of the reasons I do this. Much information out there is just wrong! I know, I make plenty of mistakes myself. Look at the ad from August - 67, from DETROIT? No wonder I didn't think "Six In the Morning" had the Indiana pedigree.

Imagine my surprise when I received an e*mail from Bill Beaver:

"I was in this band from Elkhart that started as the Noble V in 1966 and became Six in the Morning after adding another member in 1967. We played throughout Indiana and the surrounding states until 1968 when we split up. Around central Indiana we played at Le Scene, Whiteland Barn, West Lake Beach Pavilion and The Jet Set Club. I’d like to see if anyone remembers Six in the Morning from Elkhart."


Jim Neher - Lead singer
Jim Anderson - Organ/Vocals
Bill Beaver - Bass/Vocals
Al Zavatsky - Rhythm guitar/organ/vocals
Gayle Davis - Lead guitar/vocals
Greg Huffman - drums/vocals

Also in the pic from Feb -68
Bob Ossyra -

The "photo" is from the local (Columbus, IN) paper. Many bands played at the Donner Park Center, literally less than a block from my house!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Phantom Five - South Bend

The Phantom Five left one 45 and no other evidence of the band exists. Said to have hailed from South Bend, even that is conjecture at this point. Even the writers credits espouse "Phantom Five", with no name to track down.


Obviously a custom label and the numbering even defies sleuthing. Said to be from 1966, but the surf sound is dated by that time frame.
Any help here appreciated!!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oscar & the Majestics

Let's start July with a fuzzed-out bang! Presenting for your consideration, and with their contributions:

Oscar & the Majestics

Oscar Hamod - lead guitar - vocals
Bob Wheeler - rhythm guitar -vocals
Vince Jachim - drums
Sam Hamod - bass - vocals

Much like many bands, the members did change occasionally, but Oscar was the driving force, founder, writer of the original tunes, while Sam joined in '63, Bob joined in the late '60's, and that has been the nucleus of the band since.

The legend was that Oscar and Sam played with fretboard covers so the chords would remain secret. I'm ecstatic to say that, yes, it's true, as the photo shows Oscar's cover. Coupled with the explorer that he wielded, it must have been a sight to behold.

From Oscar & Sam:

"In the 1960's Oscar and his brother, Bud, formed the band "Oscar and the Majestics". Soon Oscar's other brother, Sam, joined the band. It wasn't long under Oscar's leadership that their hard rocking sound catapulted them from growing popularity in NW Indiana to the entire Midwest. Eventually Bob joined Oscar and Sam in the band. Uniquely these three original and core members still comprise "Oscar and the Majestics". Starting in the early 60's the band began to record Oscar's original material. Eventually Oscar also chose to put the hard rocking "OTM" driving rock style on a few songs such as "House of the Rising Sun" and "I Can't Explain". Even though their style has been called "garage rock" all the recordings were done at the famous and prestigious Chess Studios, RCA Universal Studios, and Sound Studios in Chicago. These original recordings are sought after and embraced throughout the world. Until now fans had to settle for searching for vintage recordings or purchasing compilation albums for OTM recordings. The good news is that Sundazed Music is releasing (July 26, 2011) an all "Oscar and the Majestics" authentic 60's recordings album (CD/vinyl) titled "No Chance Baby" and a two-sided 7" vinyl. The album and single include well known "Oscar and the Majestics" recordings and some never before released original recordings. Every one of the recordings is special to the band because they had to write, arrange, play, sing, record, and pay for it all in the 60's garage rock era. Here is a list and short description of each song included on the Sundazed Music "Oscar and the Majestics" album.
House of the Rising Sun (1966): Our hard rocking arrangement showcases and demonstrates why we are called one of the original early hard rockers of the 60's garage era. We were looking to the future (futuristic) so we used 1969.
My Girl is Waiting (1964): Oscar wrote this melodic song describing someone who is missing his loved one through no fault of his own. It could be a mistake or injustice that he is in prison or a soldier across the sea far from home.
No Chance Baby (1965): In this song Oscar describes in a relationship one partner may be done and finished. The other person realizes that in life there is "no chance" to get this loved one back. Also in life many times there is just "no chance baby" to get many things back. It is one of our favorite songs and recordings. It is the title of our album. (Vinylfool notes: One of my favorites!)
The other songs on the Oscar and the Majestics "No Chance Baby" album are:
Soul Finger (1966): A hard rocking blue-eyed soul arrangement with lyrics by Oscar. It stole the show on the 2131 album.
Got to Have Your Lovin (1966): This lover's lament is led by a fuzz guitar and hard rocking bass.
Baby Under My Skin (1965): This original is loaded with trash talking and singing lyrics.
I Can't Explain (1966): Our hard rocking version of a great 60's song.
Why-O/Jungle Beat (1964): Acappella singing and a drum beat lead the hands on conga line!
Jackie Jackie (1964): This early Oscar original is based on a true story of justice done.
Come On Willie (1964): A song about a fella who is dumped by his chick and is told "come back Willie"
Top Eliminator (1964): This is a hard rocking instrumental drag racing recording.
Dawn (1964): Oscar liked the chords changes and put them to his rock style guitar work.
Fanny Brown (1964): Oscar tells the story of a girl running all over town and now her boy friend is done with her.
I Feel Good (1965): Features the unforgettable sounds of Oscar's '58 Gibson Explorer guitar.
We would like to thank and recognize the entire Sundazed Music team for doing an outstanding job on the entire Oscar and the Majestics "No Chance Baby" album package. Also, we would like to thank our worldwide fan base for their support and tell them "this is just the beginning, Baby". Now we will let our music speak for itself."

"Oscar and the Majestics" played so many venues that there is not enough room here to list all of them. However they include many universities (Purdue, Indiana University, IUN, Valparaiso U., Northwestern, U. of Chicago, W. Michigan, etc), rocked the Marquette Park Pavilion for 10 yrs., many live concerts including a huge concert at the Hammond Civic Center with Chuck Berry and a Tivoli theater concert with the "Cyrkle", Valparaiso armory following Kiss's attempt to set it on fire, the huge Purdue U. armory, gigs with WLS disc jockeys, Madura's Danceland, Embassy Ballroom, Wells St. (Chicago), Marina Towers (Chicago), major hotels (including the Radison Star hotel), major churches and temples in the mid west, Lake Michigan cruises, etc. While playing in Milwaukee pro-wrestlers "Dick the Bruiser" and "The Crusher" became our fans."

I'm pumped, pre-ordered the vinyl, and I'm waiting for the comments!

Also check out Oscar & the Majestics website, and get the album!