Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rojay Gotee - 1965

Big label fun. Liberty records had the access to the best session musicians, i.e. the Wrecking Crew, but thankfully local solo act Rojay Gotee used an up and coming local band for the support. Introducing Rojay Gotee with Sir Winston and the Commons providing the backing tracks.

Best guess is Rojay is/was actually Robert Youngs.

Always a different sound when someone else writes the music. Enjoy this early example of the mighty Sir Winston and the Commons.

Thunder n' Lightnin
Miss Jantje Jones

Last post of the year, looking forward to 2011. Keep the leads and comments coming!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Boys Next Door - Indianapolis

Steve says - Let there be music, and it is good! Links are live now for the songs! Merry Christmas!

What can I possibly add to the story of the "Boys Next Door"?
7 Singles - major labels - numerous newspaper articles - sterling reputations - what can I add?

The nucleus of the band:
Steve Lester - Lead guitar / vocals / trombone
Skeet Bushor - Keyboards / vocals / trumpet
Jim Koss - Drums / vocals / guitar
Steve Drybread / Bass / Sax / vocals
Jim Adams / Rhythm guitar

The band signed with Mercury records and was promptly renamed the "Four Wheels", without the bands knowledge. Five members, four wheels, oh well. Soon reclaiming the "Boys Next Door" moniker, five more 45's followed.
"Sneaky Little Sleeper/Ratchet" (Delaware# 1703) (as Four Wheels)

"Central High Playmate/Cold 45" (Soma# 1428) (Four Wheels)
"Begone Girl/See The Way She's Mine" (Atco# 6477)

"Mandy/One Face In The Crowd" (Atco# 6443)

"The Wildest Christmas/Christmas Kiss" (Bad# 1301)

"There is no greater Sin/I Could see me Dancing With You" (Cameo# 394)

"Why Be Proud/Suddenly She was Gone" (Soma# 1439)
What can I add... how about a video from Clowes Hall - featuring the Boys Next Door and their version of "Catch us If You Can".

The band was featured in the local "Teen Tempo" m
agazine. Journalism lite, but very cool for the day.

Heck, even Bobby Goldsboro believed the band was golden. But grand success never came, and the band left one by one. Steve Drybread was the only member that remained through it all. I didn't include any songs today because the a CD is still available, tho out of print, of the bands tunes and some unreleased songs. Highly recommended. However, if Steve gives his blessing, I'll add them for the world to admire.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

James Spencer - John Voyles - the Herd

Behold another mystery 60's Indiana 45.

A side - Daddy's Little Angel - James Spencer and the Herd
B side - Lovelight - James Spencer / John Voyles and the Herd

Spencer and Voyles seem to have many connections (Noblemen for one) to bands and to the Prism label in Dayton OH.

Cool songs, mysterious writers and I assume vocals. Is the Herd from Ft. Wayne or another of the popular name? Anyone? James, John?

Updates - Caravans - Revengers - Lords of London

Updates today!

Caravans - New photos and info!

Revengers - Identified band video - member info!

Lords of London - New photos!

We are not even close to exhausting the bands to honor! I'm always looking for info to share!

Maude Meuller Incident - Peppermint Applebush - Stix and Stonz - Norsemen - just a teaser of what's to come, and I'm not ignoring the "Big Boys" like: Boys Next Door - Sir Winston & the Commons - Sounds Unlimited, just hard to find something that hasn't been already been covered.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Roosevelt & the 7 C's - Muncie

Roosevelt Johnson & the 7 C's, direct to you from Muncie, Indiana.
Top to bottom - Right to left:

Roosevelt Johnson -
Phil Dunn - Trumpet & Vocals
Phil Mann - Bass & Vocals
Allen Henry - Sax
Dennis (Dino) Springer - Drums
Bob Duncan - Trombone
Hubie Ashcraft - Guitar
Gary Thresher - Keyboards

This a true collaborative affair, Jason sent a photo of the band back in 2007. Didn't ring a bell, but put it in the "to do" file. John Hiatt mentions that he was in a band - Roosevelt & the 7C's - BINGO! Although John wasn't in the band that recorded, he put me in touch with Dennis, who was 16 (!) at the time of the 1st 45. Dennis sent a 45 to John via someone else. and we have some groovin' R&B sides here.

Black Jack 713 (scan courtesy of Dante Carfagna)

Call On Me

And although it's not in my 60's focus, here is another 45 from the team.

Rondo 1118:
We were always sweethearts / Black Cat

The 7 C's were from Muncie save Hubie, who hailed from Seymour. Hubie went on to play on the John Cougar Mellencamp demos. The band existed from '65 to 1973.

Has to be lots of stories about this band. Chime in!!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Exports - Hammond 1964

It's a dark night, and I'm reading a facebook page, "Planet Hammond". Suddenly a plea catches my attention:

"The "Kritters" were definitely the most popular. Band leader Ron Jongsma, and Rick Grigsby lived in my neighborhood and we were treated to garage concerts on summer nights. They recorded a record called "Hey Car Hop", but I believe it it was under a previous name, which I can't remember......Help."

The Exports is the band in question, circa 1964.

Band Members:
Ron Jongsma - Guitar
George Felaney - Guitar
Tom Barnhart - Guitar
Howard Friedman - Drums

The Exports left us two 45's

King 5917 - Car Hop / Seat Belts Please

King 5985 - Mustang '65 / Always It's You

I had the Car Hop 45, didn't know it was Indiana related, but it is a great surf\hot rod instrumental. Now I have to find the Mustang '65............

Special thanks to Jim Carley for the inspiration.

Monday, September 27, 2010

These Vizitors - Goshen

These Vizitors - Goshen, Indiana 1965 -1969.

Band included siblings -

Mike Curtis - Vocals / bass
Rick Curtis - Vocals / guitar
Tom Curtis - Vocals / guitar
Patty Curtis - Vocals / tambourine
and (non family member)
Travis Rose - Drums

One of the local bands that had a major label release, but didn't translate into major success. I don't know all the details but I'm going to "cut and paste" the info from Jason's Indiana 45's site. Anyone willing to correct, if needed.......

Here's some tunes:

Happy Man
For Mary's Sake
Reacher Teacher - Demo
Rippling Road - Demo

Don't know what the 5th demo was, can anyone shed some light?

"By Phil Yoder -courtesy of Jason at Indiana 45's.

The first band I will tell you about is the Curtis family, from Goshen, Indiana. The Curtis's are probably the most famous and succesful from my area. These Vizitors went to NYC in ' 67 and cut 5 demo tracks with a then unknown producer, Phil Ramone. 2 were released on a Capitol 45 "For Mary's Sake" b/w "Happy Man". They played in Florida at an outdoor rock festival in ' 68 on a bill that included Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane etc. At that time they lived in Florida and were one of the "local" acts that had a major label 45rpm, so they were added to the festival line up. They were a psych / folk sound (kind of like We 5 with a fuzz sounding lead guitar) They all sang well and still do. After Vizitors folded Rick and Mike were invited by Ralph Molina (drummer) to join Crazy Horse and were the main song writers on the 1972 Epic album "At Crooked Lake". In 1974 they cut some demos with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, who at that time were on option to the Polydor label, as were Rick and Mike Curtis. One of these demos was "Blue Letter" written by Rick Curtis which appears on the 1975 Fleetwood Mac album. The other was a song called "Seven league Boots" which features Stevie Nicks singing backup with Rick Curtis. This song was 50% sold to Steven Stills in 1980 and turned into "Southern Cross", in which Stills changed the lyrics and some of the arrangement and appears on the 1982 Crosby, Stills & Nash album "Daylight Again". Rick and Mike, along with brother Tom cut an album in 1976 on Polydor called "The Curtis Brothers" and also had a shelved (unreleased) album in 1978 on the International Artists label. In the 1980s Rick spent time out of the music scene and Mike went on to play with Gene Clark's Byrds on the road. Then in the early ' 90s Mike played with Dewey Martin's Buffallo Springfield. He also played for 12 years with Hoyt Axton's band. In the middle 90s Mike played in the "Byrds Celebration". In Janurary of 1995 Rick Curtis died from a seizure at his home in California.Michael continues to play and lives just north of Nashville, Tennessee. Rick and Michael Curtis are 2 of my best friends. In 1992, ' 93, ' 94 I promoted shows entitled Reunion Jams I, II, and III at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds in which the Curtis's werethe headliners. Each drew about 4000 - 5000 people."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Young Society - Ft. Wayne 1967

Exciting News! The Young Society was one of many bands that flourished in Ft. Wayne , mid '60's.

Young Society (left to right):

Doug Gard - drums
Steve Zweig - Organ - rhythm guitar
Lee Stamm - Bass
Dave Lloyd - Lead guitar

Obviously folk rock was the focus, but the boys could rock. Beatles, Byrds, James Brown, Them, Turtles, and more were on the Young Society's set list. They also had at least 3 original songs that I know of.

I have swapped a few e*mails with Steve, and was kind enough to send the newspaper article (that is in much better shape than the one I had). And the NEWS........ Lee still had some rehearsal tapes, and next thing you know, they are in my hands on CD. Stunning. And very soon they will share a couple of songs with the Indiana 60's Band Szene followers.

 Presenting "OPUS 1", an original written and performed by "The Young Society. Strong tune with a pounding beat, pulsating organ, and a wicked fuzz break! If it had a scream in the lyrics, it would be a 10 on the garage-o-meter (editorial license, it is MY blog!).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

British Walkers - Noblesville

The British Walkers performed from 1965 - 1967. From Noblesville, IN.. The ad is from Nov. 1965.

As pictured: circa 1967

Mike Reisener
Bruce Evans
Tal Middleton
J. Michael Henderson
Phil Phillips

Mike, Bruce, and Tal were original members.

Thanks to JMH for the photo.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sound Sensations Exhibit - 1969 - updated

OK team, any ideas? This contribution is completely unknown. Obviously late 1969, was found in southern Indiana, and recorded in Gary (Way North) Indiana.

Never seen, heard a whisper, no rumors. Who are these guys?

Here's the tunes, courtesy of Jason at Indiana 45's, the new owner of the "reference lacquer". Thanks, Jason!

Communication Breakdown


Let the guessing begin!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dawnells - Update

Been some good info and comments on the Dawnells coming from friends and family. I received a note about this video on YouTube. Great photos and unreleased song all in one!

Special Thanks to Mike Parton for the heads-up on this.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fewdle Lords - Ft Wayne

Late, late 1966, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, the Fewdle Lords are formed. Consisting of:

George Christie - lead Guitar
Denny Geiger - Drums
George Danusis - keyboards
Rich Jackson - Bass

The Fewdle Lords seemed to have a bright future, till tragedy cut short George Christie's life in an auto accident in 1970.

1968 was the year the boys left us this 45.

Farewell to Today and Tomorrow

I Know

Much confusion reigned for years as to the origin of the Fewdle Lords. Many signs pointed to Florida (the Tiara imprint was there at some point). But now the band is confirmed for Indiana status!

Anyone want to toss any stories of the band out there. Has to be much that I don't know.

****Chris at Garage Hangover did a quick piece on the Fewdle Lords. Lots of great info and insight there. I'm pretty sure he has a more detailed story coming. Highly recommended!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Early Mourning - 1968

Time for some music - 1968 style. The Early Mourning recorded this cool 45 on Commercial Features, a label that released dozens of gospel tunes. Other than the writer credit -R. Gasway, I know next to nothing about the band.

Oct 2014 - Woo-hoo, some info flows in from Bob P..
From Brazil, Indiana - the Early Mourning!

Dick Gasway - guitar
Bill Gasway - bass
Bill Sneddon - drums
Francis "Frenchie" Massinon - piano

Thanks Bob!

The Blind Man - Side 1

I've Tried - side 2

Who are you guys?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Utopians - Ft. Wayne - 1967

The Utopians, formed in November 1966, all students at South Side High School - Ft. Wayne.

Seated - Dave Schwartz - organ
Standing from Left:
Jeff Goltz - rhythm guitar
Ron Russ - drums
Ralph Tourkow - bass
Mike Weintraub - lead guitar

Gleaning the "Utopians" from the perfect society of Thomas More's book, the boys strove for perfection in Rock n' Roll music so the name seemed appropriate. The Lovin' Spoonful was a big influence.

The Utopians were finalists in the National Combo competition category of the Talented Teen Search - Chicago -1967. Groups getting to that level were usually "offered" a recording contract. "Recordings Unlimited" normally gave studio time and the band was offered a deal on paying for the pressing of a 45.

Recordings? 45? Any future activity? We all want to know!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Whiteland Barn Reunion show - Friday June 18

The importance of the Whiteland Barn cannot be underestimated. From 1958 to the late '60's, the Whiteland Barn was one of the most famous venues in the states. Imagine in a time before arena rock, you could have seen:

Jerry Lee Lewis
The Ventures
Strawberry Alarm Clock
Led Zeppelin
and a host of great Indiana legends.

It's time to have a reunion of the place ( long ago lost to time). Friday night will mark the 1st reunion show. The Vlasics will be the band, the Suds (ex Dog and Suds, Greenwood, Indiana) will be the place. Starts about 5:00 pm.

I'd like to see everybody there. Maybe it's something that can be annual, but let's get the 1st one done and worry about that later!

Stop in and say hi! Please thank Ron VanLandingham for the hard work in getting this together, and keeping the Whiteland Barn site going!

See everyone there!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sir Douglas & the Zircons - 1966

Sir Douglas and the Zircons, from late May 1966.
This is another of our "shot in the dark" series. I have no idea, other than they played a few dates in Franklin, Indiana. So, guys and gals, if you knew them speak up now!
I have quite a few of these unknown bands in the pipeline. Seems like we have about a 50% success rate in identifying them. Great job team!!!

Think we are due for some music on the next post!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Bare Facts - LaPorte - 68-69

Wes brings us the "Bare Facts", from LaPorte, Indiana.
A couple of guys in a band, The Intruders, know a couple of other guys in another band, mix in that they all go to the same school - LaPorte High School - and the Bare Facts are born.

Wes England explains:
"We were known as the Bare Facts. We recorded a few records at Universal Studios in Chicago, 1968, 1969, We toured all over the Midwest, playing with most of the major artists of the time. Such artists are James Brown, New Colony Six, Buckinghams, Turtles, American Breed, Derek and the Dominos, Tommy James and The Shondells. We played all the Circuits, The Hullabaloo Clubs, The Top Deck in South Bend, Orchestra Hall in Chicago and many more venues."
Behold the Bare Facts: L - R

Ron Shaw - Lead Guitar / Horns
Bob Nebelung - Drums
Wes England - Bass
Dan Topolski - Rhythm guitar
Jim Sipe - Lead Vocals
Dave Curtis - Keyboards / Horns
The presenter of the trophy is Clark Weber - WLS personality.
Steve Kirkman - not pictured / lead singer replaced by Jim Sipe.

"The biggest influences on the band were probably the brass or horns, along with harmonies, We were one of the only groups in the mid-sixties that actually played on stage with horns. Many groups recorded with horns, but did not actually have them. The Buckinghams is a good example. They did not have a horn section.
Also, we took great pride in our vocals. most groups had a lead vocalist, but did not really focus on tight harmonies. We did. Every guy in the group sang, or performed back up vocals on most every song, unless it was not required, of course. We also did songs that other groups did not perform. Songs like "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head", "It's Not Unusual" along with most every Four Tops song.
We actually would be let out of High School at Noon on Friday's, so that we could make our first gig on Friday night. We would play Friday in Chicago, Saturday in Burlington Iowa and then Sunday in Springfield, Ill. The next week would be Detroit, Mi to Findlay, Oh, to Indianapolis, In. It was a great time.
We would actually bump into many big time bands, on the road, at rest stops etc."

The Bare Facts also had a recording session that resulted in a couple original tunes:

Does She Love Me / Think I'm Falling in Love

Wes is working on getting the tunes from reel to reel, don't think it made it to 45 stage. should be a treat when we can share it! And here's loads of thanks for all the cool pics. This is just a few of them!!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Night Watchmen - Ft. Wayne -1967 - Findlay OHIO....OOPS

Interesting ad from August '67. Playing at a W & D clothing store, we present the Night Watchmen.
I have no clue about any of the members, or the band, but look forward to finding out.

Clothing / Fashion stores were a popular gig in the mid '60s. I have photos of the Olivers playing at Wassons (1966), and The Boys Next Door had a show filmed by the owner of Dorothy's Fashions , Herb Levison, in November 1966. Dorothy's was located on 16th st, Speedway. Someone has to know if that tape is around somewhere.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fabulous Squires - 1965

The Fabulous Squires played in Franklin, December 1965. This is a call out to anyone that may know them, any info, real or imagined, welcomed. Just kidding on the imagined part, but it seemed to fit the mood.

Anyone know if Jim Shelton is still out there? Seems like I should get in touch with him.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chain Reactions

The Chain Reactions - another band from the fountain of teen combo's - Ft. Wayne.

Members include:

Rich Loy - Drums
Mark McNeal - Lead guitar
Mike Habig - Rhythm guitar
Steve Kamphues - Vocals
Kenny Parisot - Bass

All the kids were still in high school at the time. As of April '67, The Chain Reactions were preparing to cut a record. Original songs were ready, such as:

What Will Happen Tomorrow
Just Another Day
Stick Around

I don't know if the plans ever came to fruition, but as you know, I'll be looking! Kudos to the boys for the entertainment and hope to hear from you soon.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Chosen Few - Shelbyville

For your consideration - from Shelbyville, Indiana, The Chosen Few.
Not the Chosen Few (Muncie) that recorded and had a quite lengthy career. But I'm told these guys at least had the band name first!

Front Row L-R:
Bobby Jones - Guitar
Louie Cover - Bass / vocals
Mike Carr - Rhythm / vocals
Thom Beagle - Drums
Eddie Moore - Lead Vocals / Keyboards

At first glance, I'm floored by the Ventures Mosrite. Not quite the Kay or Harmony that seems most started out with. Wow, I'm still looking for one.

I'm pretty sure that there are no recordings, but as always, we salute the band, and hope we give the recognition that is due.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vlasics - Valasics

Originally Chris Henricks, Bill Harding, Ben (Duaine) Taylor (SHS 1968) Joe Green and Dan Ware (Manual High School 1966), were formed as the Vlasics at Southport High School.

This was way back in 1965. The Vlasics played at the Baxter YMCA, Eagle
s Lodge and many private parties in their first year. A major turning point was their win of the "Battle of the Bands" at the new,Greenwood Shopping Center, in June 1966. The band won a trip to Chicago to play in a regional battle of the bands, at McCormick Place! The Vlasics replaced Joe Green on Keyboards in 1967 with Randy Tipmore. (Also a Southport High School graduate). The Vlasics enjoyed a fair amount of success in those years and were playing clubs, fraternity/sorority parties,graduations and other events in a five 5 state region during their high school years.


Whiteland Barn
Flame Club
Hillside Beach Club
House of Sound
Indiana State Fair "Teen Tent"

Yep, They played those places often.

In May of 1968 the Vlasics went to record their first "Record" ("Breakaway") at Universal studios in Chicago. The Vlasics continued a busy schedule until August 1 1969, The date of their last "Gig".

Ok, all that text was borrowed (stolen) from the boys defunct website, circa 2004. But the Vlasics have a special place in my research heart. Dan Ware was the first band member I actually called and asked about any band. He was very kind and talked a bit, then directed me towards Bill Harding, who was playing locally. The wife and I met him and had a great time. Here we are several years later, and I'm finally telling the story.

Hear some tunes:
Break Away
Things Movin' Fast

Somehow the record was credited to the "Valasics", altho the band was sponsored somewhat by the Vlasic pickle company. The 45 was one of the more difficult to find ones I have on my list. Many, many to go, and look forward to sharing even more with my readers and contributors!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brents - Shelbyville 1967

Who would have thought that Shelbyville would be a hotbed of teen band action?

The Brents:

Front row l-r:
Gary DeBaun - drums
Bobby Jones - Lead Guitar
Fred Dickmann - vocals - sax

Back row:

Mike Carr - rhythm guitar - vocals
Louie Cover - bass - vocals
Eddie Moore - keyboards - vocals

The Brents placed third in the 1967 Indiana State Fair Battle of the Bands. That made them the best band in Indiana. If you wonder about the math, Fred explains it:

"I'm really proud of the 1st band I was in, The Brents. If you zoom in on the text of the pic I sent you, you will be able to see that we placed 3rd of over 500 bands from Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky & Illinois. Matter of fact, after we placed 3rd we printed handbills locally advertising our band as "the best band in Indiana". Well, the way we justified that statement was the fact that the first place band in the Indiana State Fair Battle of the Bands Contest of 1967 was from Ohio; the second place band was from Illinois; The Brents from Shelbyville, Indiana placed, by default, we were the best band in Indiana! Made sense to us, anyway. And really, if you think about that - over 500 bands - well let me just say, that was the absolute highlight of my modest live music career. Hey, check out our playlist from the competition...still classic tunes!! "

I'd sure like to find one of those flyers. The Brents didn't record, but did leave us some great info.

Thanks Fred for the contribution!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Saharas - Plymouth

For your consideration, from Plymouth High School - 1966 - we present The Saharas.

The Saharas were chosen to be the music of the kids for the Republican party fundraisers. Maybe because of these kids (parents were business and country club socialites) Nixon won the '68 election.
The Saharas traveled to Columbus in '66, and this was the only photo I could find. The Go-Go girls were a hit, but the word is they played "too loud". Hard to imagine, but times were different.

Members were:

Larry Truman
Kurt Kralovanshy
Jim Boudreau
Dan Williams
Steve Robertson

The Saharas left us one 45, with a truly dazzlin' sleeve.
Hear the songs:

Spirit of '66
Because of Him

Hope we hear from the guys (or gals). I wrote to Kurt back in '98 or '99, but never heard back. Hope they are all doing well, and still love the music.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Teaberry Scandal

The Teaberry Scandal. Great name, unknown kids, until now!
Purdue University connection, solid Indiana lead, now we have some names!
And those names:

Keith Vanderhook (?) - lead singer
Bob Leavell - Drums
Dennis ("Turkey") Heinz - Lead guitar
Bob Keller - 12 string guitar
Steve Behr - Bass

And who do we thank for the info? It's right there on the photo. I wrote to Gerald Goldhaber, and he replied right away:

"Wow! We were together from 1966-70, sponsored by Clark Gum Company (who made Teaberry Gum), a division of Philip Morris. I had contacted the head of PR at Clark/Philip Morris, just to get some help with uniforms....bands wore suits, etc. in those days. Boy, was I surprised when he flew to Lafayette, IN and the rest is history. The lead singer was Keith Vanderhook (I think), the drummer was Bob Leavell, the lead guitar was Dennis ("Turkey") Heinz, the 12-string guitar was Bob Keller and the bass player was Steve Behr. We played all over the country, starting at Purdue with sororities and fraternities, then the National Candy Show (Boston, MA), competed in the Little Rock, AK National pop/jazz festival, were offered a recording contract by Capital Records (which we never signed because the band broke up). My wife, Marylynn, and I used to travel with the band to various gigs in the U.S. in a UHaul truck; we made about $200-300/gig, a fortune in the '60' The band wrote its own music in order to get ready for Capital Records, but they broke up, due to lost interest, travel schedules, graduation, etc. We used to put a 7' wooden stick of Teaberry Gum on the stage at our gigs and at the end of each set, we threw out hundreds of packs of gum to the true bubble gum fashion. Towards the end, they changed their name to "The Scandal" to be a bit more edgy."

Fabulous eh? Tons of questions as usual:
Any recordings?
Top 40 or originals?
Best gig, gig from hell?
Where are we now?

Keep 'em coming gang! This starts our 4th year!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Misfits - Showboat - Santa Claus -1967

Let's go down to southern Indiana, circa 1967. The Misfits, On Showboat #1517. Tucked away in Santa Claus, Indiana, label owner Ray Scrivener released 45's with Showboat, Skoop, and Kasko imprints. Rock, country, gospel, and pop singles, alas none produced a hit.

Please Don't Go Away
I'll Feel Better (in the morning)

The Misfits are unknown so far. Songwriter credits
Kneeland - DeVillez. So, Indiana sleuths, let's get crackin'. There was a quantity of the 45 found, so prices aren't way out there.

Legend also has an acetate of unreleased songs "Cry, Cry, Cry - If You Believe in Yesterday". I'd love to get my hands on those tunes!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Suns of Summer

Suns of Summer - mid 1967.

What you see is what I know, anyone have the "rest of the story"?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Lovin' Kind - Ft. Wayne

Teenage moppets from Concordia and South Side High Schools, Ft. Wayne, 1967.

The Lovin' Kind :
Brian Kosteck - seated - drums
Jim Papagiannis - far left - lead guitar
Bruce Etzler - far right - bass
Gary Hall - back left - lead singer
Ken Schiebenberger - back right - Rhythm guitar

The Lovin' Kind started in Sept. '66, and added Brian and Gary in early '67. With the "Animals" being the groups favorite band, the Lovin' Kind had big dreams for the future. Bruce had one song " I Like" arranged and ready for recording, but it's unknown if they ever got to the studio.

Thanks for the memories boys! It's time to be heard from. Recordings, records, other bands, funny stories? We will keep a spot here open for you.