Thursday, August 26, 2010

British Walkers - Noblesville

The British Walkers performed from 1965 - 1967. From Noblesville, IN.. The ad is from Nov. 1965.

As pictured: circa 1967

Mike Reisener
Bruce Evans
Tal Middleton
J. Michael Henderson
Phil Phillips

Mike, Bruce, and Tal were original members.

Thanks to JMH for the photo.


Anonymous said...

How about 'The Idle Few' or 'The Dukes'? How about clubs like 'The Hungry Eye' or 'The Green Onion'? This was Indianapolis stuff.

Pat Finnigan said...

How about clubs like Phases I,II & !!!? Up Meridian to The Rat Fink, The Georgy Girl, Mac's 30/30 Club, The Sheraton, Sam's Attic/Basement? End at the Huddle at 62nd & Keystone to watch Bo (the cook) keep 9 waitresses busy?

Anonymous said...

How about bands like the Original Dukes with Jim Hickman, Gary Bedell & Jim Sonday. Or the "Origin of Bleu" with Gary, Jim Sonday, Gary Hartle, Bill Duke, Larry Kepner, John Fish at the Hungry Eye backing up Bobby Rydell, the Drifters, Coasters, The Toys, Timi Yuro, Bo Didley among others.

vinylfool said...

Anonymous & Pat ( I suspect one and the same :) I did the Dukes some time back, with Jim Sonday's help. I would love to find some pics of the clubs, but so far, very few and far between........

Unknown said...

There was a band from Washington DC called the British Walker who were lead and produced by Bobbie Howard. Strange there should be 2 bands with this name!