Saturday, April 26, 2008

Grub & the Gargoyles - Columbus - 1965

Direct from the Columbus High School " Kennel Club" spring '65, we present Grub & the Gargoyles. The Kennel Club was a pep rally before Columbus Bull Dog team sporting events in the early to mid '60s.
From left: ( I hope this is correct!)
Donald Malcolm
Micheal (Mike) Ferry
James Graninger
Mark Griffin
John Dunlap (behind Griffin)
Rodney Bowling - leaning over organ

I'm relatively certain no recordings exist of this combo. Mike Ferry still plays, I'm not sure about the others. I think 3 of them joined the '65 reunion "Viagraphonics" a few years back. The most local people and the most sketchy info...go figure. As always please feel free to get us up to date on our tribute!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

J & the Raiders - Arlington High - 1966

From Arlington High School, J & the Raiders. Often called mistakenly called Jay & the Raiders, but for lack of a Jay, it was J. Lost yet? It was the '60s! I have another pic somewhere showing the drumhead beaming "J & the Raiders" if there is any doubt.

The band was well remembered for it's participation in the Pendleton Pike drive-in "Battle of the Bands" during the summers. Have no idea how they fared, but I'm sure we'll find out!

They were going to chicago to record a 45, I'm pretty sure in '66. If that ever happened, we need to know about it, .....anyone?

Members pictured (l to r):
Terry Harlan
Daryl Durham
Fred Nolan
Jim Vanover
Jim Fenley - Drums

I hope these guys find us soon, we'd love to share your story!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Me and the Other Guys - 1966 Indiana

Me and the Other Guys were one of 50-60 bands competing in the "Clash of the Combos" at the Indiana State fairgrounds, Nov. 1966. The winning band (I don't know what band yet) was to have a feature article in the Indianapolis Star Sunday Magazine (anyone?, any help here?). 2nd and 3rd place were given trophies. Not a Grammy for sure, but would be really cool to find one of these!

Carnegie Music Center, 2740 Madison Avenue, Indianapolis (hey, it's long gone), provided an amp used by the Beatles on their latest tour. The Vox was insured for $50,000 and even had it's own armed guard to protect it while it was being used. Still need a list of bands from the show....

Pictured are:
front row band:
Paul Adams
Dave Galloway
Jerry Steward
Back row band:
Bill Bird
John Neargardner

Also pictured are from Carnegie Music Center:
Paul Sedlak - Manager
Richard Mellor - Owner

I don't know of any 45's by the band, but there is a Me and the Other Guys on Boss, credited to Florida. Not the Boss label of Louisville, but who knows.....