Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rogues - 1966

From early 1966, Indianapolis, and I believe Shortridge High School, The Rogues.
How many bands had just 1/2 a 45? All I have found in Indiana is this split 45 of the Rogues and the V.I.P.'s.
And look closely at that label. A Jr. Achievement Co.. How many '60s teen combos in any state released a 45 as a business experiment?
Anyone know what STO-VA-CO stands for?

The Rogues were:

Danny Bonnett - rhythm guitar & vocals
Bill "Willy" Williams - bass & vocals
Vaughn Vernier - drums
Paul Sheehan - lead guitar & vocals
Pete Schmutte - organ

Hear "I'm not that way at all" now!

Any additional info appreciated! I'll do the VIPs soon also.

Additional info delivered! I made a couple mistakes in the original post, isn't that why we do this, to get the history right!

From Paul Sheehan - lead guitar/vocals/writer

"For the record (so to speak), the Rogues were an Indianapolis based band that played central Indiana teen clubs and high school/college gigs from 1963-1966. The band members were from Cathedral and Scecina High Schools (not Shortridge) and included:

- Paul Sheehan (lead guitar & vocals)
- Dan Bonnett (rhythm guitar & vocals)
- Bill "Willy" Williams (bass & vocals)
- Pete Schmutte (organ)
- Vaughn Vernier (drums)

Sto-Va-Co was a Junior Achievement venture, sponsored by Stokely VanCamp. The Rogues, who were well known in the Indianapolis area at the time, won a competition and were selected to be on the record. It was recorded at Jan Eden’s Recording Studio which used to be in the 1400 block of North Meridian Street.

Bill "Willy" Williams, who co-wrote "I'm not that way at all", sang lead on the record.

The posted picture shows Dan Bonnett, with Vaughn Vernier just barely visible in the background. Where in the world did you find that picture … and are there any more around? To the best of my knowledge, we who were in the band have none.

Dan Bonnett and Paul Sheehan later formed Indianapolis based Ezekial Longspur in 1972, and Pete Schmutte joined that group in 1974. For more info about Ezekial Longspur, go to:,%20Ezekial

If my memory serves me correctly, the VIPs, who did the flip side of the Sto-Va-Co record, were from Shortridge High School.


Paul Sheehan
Camarillo, CA

Thanks Paul! E*mail me: vinylfool at and I'll let you know where I found the photo!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Other Five 1966

The Other Five, from Indianapolis, I believe.

Front row -Mike Ryan
Dan Koontz
back row-
Jabe Christman
J. Michael
Lynn Asper

I don't know much about the Other Five other than one 45 on
Baus, or maybe BA-US, hard to tell. Both sides are covers, and you
can hear them now:
Better Come Home
You Really Got Me
You may recognize the name Mike Ryan from the Teen Tones. I think he was the vocalist here also. Any insight appreciated!

Special thanks to J. Michael for the pic!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

International Silver String Submarine Banned - update! Howe High School - 1968

I'm pleased to announce a reunion show featuring friends of the blog: "International Silver String Submarine Banned". They will be performing at Howe High School Class of 1968 reunion on Nov. 29th. So all you Howe '68 guys and gals, all I ask is that someone send me a photo!
The photo here is from the Marion County Fair, July 1967.

Original members include:

Dave Smith - rhythm guitar
Mike Kelley - lead singer / guitar
Randy Barnes - bass guitar
Randy Steenbergen - drums
Laura Stout (now Harmon) - Lead guitar / backup vocals
Pat Kelley - sound tech, guitarist, tea and sympathy

Spread the news, and y'all have a ball.

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