Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rojay Gotee - 1965

Big label fun. Liberty records had the access to the best session musicians, i.e. the Wrecking Crew, but thankfully local solo act Rojay Gotee used an up and coming local band for the support. Introducing Rojay Gotee with Sir Winston and the Commons providing the backing tracks.

Best guess is Rojay is/was actually Robert Youngs.

Always a different sound when someone else writes the music. Enjoy this early example of the mighty Sir Winston and the Commons.

Thunder n' Lightnin
Miss Jantje Jones

Last post of the year, looking forward to 2011. Keep the leads and comments coming!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Boys Next Door - Indianapolis

Steve says - Let there be music, and it is good! Links are live now for the songs! Merry Christmas!

What can I possibly add to the story of the "Boys Next Door"?
7 Singles - major labels - numerous newspaper articles - sterling reputations - what can I add?

The nucleus of the band:
Steve Lester - Lead guitar / vocals / trombone
Skeet Bushor - Keyboards / vocals / trumpet
Jim Koss - Drums / vocals / guitar
Steve Drybread / Bass / Sax / vocals
Jim Adams / Rhythm guitar

The band signed with Mercury records and was promptly renamed the "Four Wheels", without the bands knowledge. Five members, four wheels, oh well. Soon reclaiming the "Boys Next Door" moniker, five more 45's followed.
"Sneaky Little Sleeper/Ratchet" (Delaware# 1703) (as Four Wheels)

"Central High Playmate/Cold 45" (Soma# 1428) (Four Wheels)
"Begone Girl/See The Way She's Mine" (Atco# 6477)

"Mandy/One Face In The Crowd" (Atco# 6443)

"The Wildest Christmas/Christmas Kiss" (Bad# 1301)

"There is no greater Sin/I Could see me Dancing With You" (Cameo# 394)

"Why Be Proud/Suddenly She was Gone" (Soma# 1439)
What can I add... how about a video from Clowes Hall - featuring the Boys Next Door and their version of "Catch us If You Can".

The band was featured in the local "Teen Tempo" m
agazine. Journalism lite, but very cool for the day.

Heck, even Bobby Goldsboro believed the band was golden. But grand success never came, and the band left one by one. Steve Drybread was the only member that remained through it all. I didn't include any songs today because the a CD is still available, tho out of print, of the bands tunes and some unreleased songs. Highly recommended. However, if Steve gives his blessing, I'll add them for the world to admire.