Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tikis - Syracuse -

This was to be the story of the Tikis, from the nothern Indiana town of Syracuse. Still is, but with a sad story inserted. Singer - bass player Ric Workman passed away yesterday, very suddenly. I had just recently met Ric thru e*mails and a quick phone conversation during the holiday week. He was stoked about his "Geri Attrix Band" and gigs, and was preparing a history of the Tikis for me to share here. Busy guy, and many will miss him!

The TIKIS formed in 1963, mostly as a instrumental surf band.
Band pic 1 - left to right:
Ric Workman - bass
Bob Folger - guitar
R.T. Seafoss - drums
Jameson Mauzy - guitar

In late '66 the TIKIS recorded a 45 that has landed on a few comps.
The band pic 2 shows the incarnation that recorded:

Pat Loo - guitar
Ric Workman - bass
Dave Webster - drums
Brad Bauer - keyboards
Bob Folger - guitar

Hear the songs here!
Show Your Love 
Careful What You Say

Wish I had more to share, but Jason has a nice history on Indiana 45's, written I think by Dave Webster. Check it out here! 

Fujimo records has an interesting history and quite a few good bands have 45's from that Elkhart operation. I can say that Ric informed me that the TIKIS on Universal Sound (Rockin' Robin / Shaketown) was a different band.

Rest in peace Ric, my pleasure to meet you, and heartfelt condolences to your family. 


Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Endd - LaPorte - seacape

 The Endd from LaPorte. If any other band had an output as strong as this, they would be a household name in the Indiana 60's band narrative. But sadly, no.
Any info on the Endd is scarce, this is what we do know:
Russ Sanders - writer - publisher of most Seascape run. Deceased for quite a while.

What is speculated:
Russ Sanders - lead singer
Larry Anderson - bass

Not much to go on eh? Look up the address on the label, and you find a home that has been there since the mid '30s. All the Seascape 45's have Sanders involvement, so MAYBE it was his label, at this address.

Seascape discography (known releases):

#500 - So Sad / Emancipation (as the End)
#501 - Project Blue / Out of my Hands
#502 - Black Blues / Feeling (The Zoo from Michigan?)
#503 - Gonna send you back to your mother / Don't it make you feel like cryin'
#504 - Come on into my world / this is really Zoo plus two
#507 - Stop / One Down Seventeen More to Go ( Credited to Phase II Productions)

Where are #505 & #506? Is Phase II Productions a later Endd reincarnation? Why were the Zoo on this label? Any answers, ideas, real or imagined, please help us out!