Saturday, April 28, 2007

Todds - Toddlin' Town - 1967 - Hammond

The Todds from Hammond, Indiana. I've been trying to get a copy of this 45 for some time, and never seemed to follow through on it. Now I have it, and you can see & hear it. Now I have to scour the Hammond papers for a photo. You can listen to I Want Her Back now!
Writer credits show "Todd & Gluth". Any info out there? Don't be shy, we want to know!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Mystics - Brown county, Indiana 1966

Ahhh, the Mystics, the first band I ever tried to hunt down. And I was successful. The cast of characters were:

Jerry Pittman - Drums
Leon Pittman - Bass
Robert Bowden - Rhythm
Brian Gordon - Lead

This pic is from March 1966.
I met Jerry first, and he told me about the good times the band had. His brother Leon had passed away. And Robbie, I had seen and said hello to a thousand times, but never knew he was one that I was looking for. Robbie has been a great source of info on bands, studios, and the general state of things in the area in '66. He still plays, so go see him!!!!! And he says "somewhere" is a tape of the band rehearsing, so lets keep our fingers crossed that I get to post it one day!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Olivers - Ft. Wayne Indiana 1967

Oops, I said I would post the killer "B" side to the Olivers 45. I'm sorry for the horrible oversight, here is the mayhem known as Beaker Street. The later RCA single changed the publisher, and writer credits, and called it Beeker Street. Same song though, I'm sure. Added bonus, a band member of an upcoming post (and great story of two bands) tells me that he has a better photo of the band!!! This is the spirit of cooperation that will help us all learn more about these great bands!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blast Inc - Columbus - Franklin? 1966

All Hail Blast Inc.. This band has been a stumper for a few years now. Originally I thought they were from Columbus, But now I'm leaning towards Franklin. Heck, they could be from Angola or Chandler for all I know. I'm asking for any help here! A name, real or imagined would be a good start. All I'm sure of is that they played at the Tempo department store in Columbus, Indiana in May '66. And I have a date in June '66 playing in Franklin. If they made a record, I don't have it (yet).

In February, band member Lee Folger found us and added:

Hey, this is Lee Folger, bassist from Blast Inc. Just found your website and thought I'd try to help fill in some information. We were primarily Southsiders and practiced in the Smith Valley Community Center. We played all around central Indiana and frequently linked up with Bouncin' Bill Baker and Easy Guinn from WIBC. We played such venues as the Whiteland Barn, Center Grove HS, Franklin County Fair Grounds, and many other teen dates.

We were just about to record our first record when our keyboardist, Bobby Kafader, was tragically killed in an auto accident. We disbanded shortly after and I have not heard from any other band members since. I am going to try to see if I can locate any of them and I will keep you posted as to the results.

We all sang backup for Nick Anderson.

The members were;
Bobby Kafader, Keyboards, Southport
Rick Richards, Rhythm, Southport
Ralph Wilson, Lead, Smith Valley
Dave Laughlin, Drums, Smith Valley
Nick Anderson, Vocals, Speedway
Lee Folger, Bass, Indy

Great stuff, this was one band I knew nothing about, other than a trail of dates they played! We welcome you back anytime Lee!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tribu-Terrys - Henchmen - 1966

The Tribu-Terrys, a great long lost, I'm betting, Indiana band. They seemed to have played in central Indiana too many times to have been from Ohio. This date is played in Franklin, Indiana, 1966. The writer credits 'the band", you all know the story, we'll share the credits, wink, wink.
If you know any info on who was in this great, nearly forgotten band, please help us document it!!
Hear Leavin' to Stay right now. Known 45 is Prism 1951 - Leavin' to Stay / My Shadow is You.

The Henchmen were probably "Anne & the Henchmen" out of Tudor Hall,(Park Tudor?), Indianapolis.

Members included:

Anne Hall
Duncan Williams (drums)
Mike Shoyer
Bob Staton

No 45 left behind that we know of, but as always, if you know any nuggets of info, please pass it on. don't let these groups be forgotten!!!!