Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cavaliers - Greenwood

 From the files of "60's indiana band szene" Central Command, we find the Cavaliers of Greenwood.  I recently found a photo of the Cavaliers while looking thru yearbooks (a great way to find a few band photos!), in this case from Indian Creek High School 1965.

The Cavaliers were together for a few years - the yearbook shows a homecoming dance, so that would be late 1964.  Most probably some frat rock and early Beatles would keep the kids happy on the dance floor.

I can document the Cavaliers playing thru at least March 1967 - that would be from the Whiteland Barn ad. After that.......?

Members included (photo above):

Fred Kinnan - lead guitar
Allen Martin - rhythm guitar
Dick Tyndal - tenor sax

Mike Langford - bass
Gary Scott - drums
and later
Ed Weddle - hammond organ
Roger Craighead replaced Mike on bass
Sam Doolin - trumpet - vocals

 Special thanks to Gary for the band info!