Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gentlemen Bleu

Where are you, Gentlemen Bleu?
Who are you, Gentlemen Bleu?

The only clues are writer credits:

Al Stone & Mike Hunting

The Gentlemen Bleu performed at the Cabaret (I presume a teen dance club) and left this ad in Ft. Wayne, June 1967. Since the 45 was pressed in 1967, we can assume that they were together for a least a couple of years. Believed to be students attending Hanover College (Madison, IN), and hailing from Indianapolis.

One 45 known - Trump 355 - Louisville label

Let's hear some music:

Hate to Tell You
One More Day

Looking forward to these guys checking in! Give us the scoop Gentlemen Bleu!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Flock - 1967 - Ft. Wayne

Close your eyes and envision a formal cocktail party.
The place, Orchard Ridge Country Club.
The date, Saturday, July 1967.
The band: The Flock.

Of course it helps if your parents are members, and you can dress nicely, unlike those "hippie kids".

Band members that day:
Denny Grosenbacher
Andy Barile
Mark Richards
Rick Furniss
Denny Burns

Where did you go guys, any recordings left behind? There was a "Flock" that released an LP and a few 45's in 1969, but none of these guys seem related.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quinchords - 1965

The Quinchords, from 1965, a folk rock band that had many interesting stories.

The Quinchords were:
Terry Talbot
John Michael Talbot
Tanni Talbot
Tom Wright

Headin' for Missouri
Outside Lookin' In

The Talbots were from Oklahoma City, and moved to Indianapolis in the early '60s. When this 45 was recorded and released, John Michael was just 11 years old. Terry was the ringleader, and just a few years older.

Tom Wright went on to co-found the "Wright Brothers Overland Stage Company", an Indiana mainstay of country rock.
Terry & John Michael joined the Indianapolis based "Sounds Unlimited" in 1966 - 1968. In '69 the brothers founded the long-lived "Mason Proffit" country rock outfit.

The Talbot brothers were also in "Fourscore", a folk-rock band before "Sounds Unlimited", but details are fuzzy.

As always, any info you have, we'd love to have it and share it with the world! Who, what, where was the Big Star label?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Wild Ones - Ft. Wayne

Another entry from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The Wild Ones were skilled enough to be selected to the Indiana Bandstand tour.

From Left:
Mike Babcock - Lead Vocal
Mike Heime - Bass
Joe Long - Drums
Rick Babcock - Lead Guitar
Larry Miller - Rhythm

The Wild Ones, students from Northside High School, recorded this 45 in June '66.

Hear "Tale of a City" now!

What was Indiana Bandstand you ask?
The bandstand consists of 10 bands from throughout Indiana, who were selected in a contest held at Kokomo. This summer (1966) the bands tour Indiana, playing two and three-night stands at various teen clubs and dance halls.

By February 1967, the Wild Ones had written 13 original songs. Rick, being the prolific songwriter, was looking forward to entertaining offers from Indianapolis bands for his material.

Where are they now?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Generation - 1966 -

"They've got to be great - or crazy". That's the reaction from the interviewer, circa 1966, Teen Tempo magazine. Obviously named after the Who's "My Generation", these guys were regulars at the Le Scene nightclub / teen hotspot.

Back row:
Michael Stack - Singer - Broad Ripple High
Doug Kennerly - Drums - Broad Ripple High
Front Row:
Al Smith -Lead Guitar - Arlington High
Dave Fitch - Keyboards - Broad Ripple High
Mike Rea - Bass - Broad Ripple High

Al gets bonus cool points for playing a Vox guitar. Time to check in guys and give us the skinny on what was the haps in '66!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Young Set - 1967

From Indianapolis, 1967, the Young Set are in the mix of local bands making the rounds.

From left:
Sherie Marie
JoAnn McCubbins
Tom Tyner
Shari Robinson
Suzanne Simpson

The second photo (courtesy of Larry Goshen's "Let the Good times Roll") shows 5 ladies and no gent. Later, earlier, I don't know yet.

As the poster shows, the Young Set made it so far as Olney, IL in '67. Any recordings or 45's are surely rumors. I'm told they were Top 40 tunes only.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Four - Indianapolis 1966

Presenting the What Four. From Indianapolis, the band is unknown, other than they played some dates in late 1966.

Could these be the What Four that recorded on BOX ( a Dayton, Ohio imprint). Hoerr - Johnson is the only writer credits I can come up with. Any info at all appreciated!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shades - Etna Green - Girl group

Yes, there were more girl groups in Indiana! For your consideration we present the Shades. The band hailed from Etna Green (tiny little town between South Bend & Ft. Wayne).

From left:

Janice Gard - Bass
Suzannah Blodgette - drums
Cinda Stouder - Guitar

The girls managed to make three 45's, from 1964 to '66.

I Won't Cry
Prancer's got some red spots
Santa Claus is coming to town
Send Him Back to Me
Tell Me Not To Cry

The Shades won a contest and ended up in Amsterdam for a show! How would you like to play in front of 5000! Pretty heady stuff for the girls I'm sure.
As usual, all comments welcome. Let's fill in the blanks here!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Revengers - 1967 band video - Ft. Wayne - Silly Putty

Good news Indiana '60s Band Szene people. Great video from a '66 Indiana band. I just can't remember what band it was/became. Could be the End (from Indianapolis, not LaPorte), or perhaps the Knightsmen. Anyone know, please enlighten me!! I lost most of my notes (and this video , on a really wet hard drive) in June '08s flood. Thanks to the recovery gods, you are now seeing it!

I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the North Central Alumni reunion a couple of years back. Featured were the Joys of Life, Knightsmen, Sounds Unlimited, the End, and another I can't remember. If anyone has that web-page saved, could you please pass it on to me.

Enjoy the video!!!!!


OK, finally found out the band name. The Revengers -

John Dinwiddie
Kent Baker
Bob Bain
Mike Maloney

Filmed at a "Disco Teen 15" show out of Ft. Wayne. Kent was in the 7th grade at the time!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bushmen - Columbus - 1966

Another local band, The Bushmen, from Columbus, 1966. This is from an ad for a show at the Lincoln Center - December 1966. The Bushmen were the "intermission" band, as the Mystics were the featured band.

Give a hand to (left to right)
Front Row:
Jeff Wilhite
Dennis Huntington
Back Row:
Rick Thompson
Mike Fox
Rick Spencer

No recorded music, real or imagined. I need to cross-check what other bands the boys were in, as always, I'll find out and spread the news!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Original Dukes - Indianapolis

First known as the Dukes, formed in 1961. The Dukes headlined the "Rail Club" (anyone know where that is/was ?). After the rights were lost to the "Dukes", the band became the Original Dukes.

Pictured here - 1964 - from left:
Richie Martin
Chuck Best
Jim Sonday - Drums
Jim Hickman - Guitar

The Original Dukes left us one 45!

Hear the tunes!
Ain't about to lose my cool
It looks like rain

If you enjoyed the song, leave a note and let the boys know!

Thanks Jim Sonday for the photo, member names and support, and thanks to Larry Goshen for the dates.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Unknown 1968 ? Ft. Wayne area

We need help, Indiana team. Mike R. sent in this unidentified band photo. It was found filed in a Huntington High School 1968 yearbook.
Who are they?
The pose has a very familiar look, not unlike a Dawn 5 photo I have. If it helps any, also in the same book was found a promo shot of the Chosen Few.
Fire in those ideas, any leads, real or imagined, appreciated.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chardells - Columbus - 1966

Forming in January 1966 - the Chardells - from Columbus, Indiana.

from left:
Larry Edwards
Gary Young
David Fisher
Ron Ward
Dan Edwards

At the time the boys ranged from 14-16 years. No recordings or other evidence of their chops seem to exist. But a "tip of the hat" to the boys willing to put it out there for the fans of the day.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rogues - updated

Great new info from Paul Sheehan of the Rogues. Paul was lead guitar / vocals / and co-wrote the 45. See the update here: Rogues - 1966 .

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Miles Bluffton Blues Band

Travel back to Ft. Wayne, circa 1967, and meet the
Miles Bluffton Blues Band.

Mike Madrid - Bass
Gary Sauers - Drums
Cliff Webb - Guitar
Cliff Fortney - Piano - Voice

Gary: Me and Cliff Fortney were really only 15 but lied to be cooler. LOL. We were just a home town band with all the big dreams. The Journal Gazette News paper in Fort Wayne had a "Band of the week or month" thing going on and we got our pictures in the paper by just existing. All of us in this band still play in bands to this day, as a hobby. We just played school dances and birthday parties and for any reason really.

Mike: We played a lot of Beatles, Who, Yardbirds Kinks, and were trying to get a set with all original stuff. We played in the '60s. Parks, schools, Battle of the Bands at the Coliseum.

Gary: At the time of that news paper picture we just got interested in blues bands and fancied ourselves as down and dirty pay en our dues blues cats. LOL. Truth is shortly after that, we went right back into out first love which was and still is the British Invasion music. We loved the music, but we just weren't good enough to sing and play those songs. Blues took very little talent and pretty much no singing or harmony ability at all.
We did not make any records, we just loved playing and
being in the whole 60's scene.

Where are we now?

Mike plays bass to this day mostly in church.
Cliff Webb plays to this day in Fort Wayne and is a fine jazz guitarist.
If you Goggle Cliff Fortney you may see that he did make records with a band he formed called Zelda. He also got 2 auditions with Genesis when Peter Gabriel left the band. If Phil Collins didn't decide to sing, Cliff Fortney may very well got the job. He plays flute, harp, keyboards and sings very well.
As far I (Gary) go, I am a Beatles tribute drummer. I am in rehearsal now with a all Beatles band to start playing this fall called THE BEAGLES.

Wow, what can I say, great contribution from the band, great history, guys that are still good friends, and still play music. Isn't life grand!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Omer's Soul Rebellion - 1968

One of the top regional bands to hit the scene centered around late 1960s’ Indianapolis was Omer’s Soul Rebellion (OSR). OSR’s style of music was rock and horn-based rhythm and blues, with the band lovingly referring to itself as a group of “blue-eyed soul brothers”. The band featured many of their own arrangements of songs made famous by such artists as the Temptations, Sam and Dave, Blood Sweat and Tears, James Brown, and the Rolling Stones. Towards the end of their collaborative effort, the band began venturing into harder styles of rock doing arrangements by the Vanilla Fudge and Cream.

Members of the band included:
Mark Hewitt (guitar),
Fred Hayes (drums),
Jeff Brant (bass),
Terry Self (organ),
John Cotner (trumpet),
John Tarkington (sax), and
Jim “Omer” Hutto (trombone).

Upon Fred Hayes’ departure to Tucson, Carl Peterson took over the role behind the drum kit. Everyone within the band contributed in delivering the multi-part vocals with Omer taking a lead role.

In 1968 Omer’s Soul Rebellion was one of 172 bands competing in the Indiana State Fair’s “Young America Fair” Battle of the Bands. The band took 1st place making it the second year in a row bands from the Kokomo area had dominated the competition. The Clean Machine, a band from Kokomo featuring Frankie Watters, had won in 1967. Judging the competition were the WIFE Good Guys from the dominant youth centered radio station of the day in Indianapolis.

Though most members of the band were high school juniors at the time of the Young America Fair, they capitalized on their new found connection with the Good Guys and signed with Carousel Productions. This allowed the band to play weekends throughout the five state region for the majority of their senior year in high school. At the end of summer following graduation, the band came to an end as various members went off to their different colleges and lives. The crowds had loved them and just a whole lot of good times had come out of this band.

Complete contribution thanks to Mark Hewitt! Thanks Mark!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Caravans - 1967

Take a look at these blurbs for the Caravans, and you know what I know. Robbie Rogers was a member and a champion drummer. Whatever that is, I'm pretty sure it was very cool in the day. The pics were gleaned from May 1967. The band is credited with being "State Champions in Rock & Roll". Must be some documentation on a feat such as this.

Who else was on the State Champs roster? Time to honor these guys. How many years did the state determine champs? Who were the "not winners". This could be interesting.


Bob Walterman, founding member of the Caravans has checked in with the skinny on the band.

"The band was formed in 1963,and the original name was Satans Angels. However since our first job was for the CYO of our local Catholic church we had to change our name to keep the job. As we were all musicians in the school band it was a natural step to form our own band. We worked very hard to hone our skills and the summer of 1965 we entered the Battle of the bands at the state fair. We placed second in the state to a band from Fort Wayne called The Epics. The third place band was from Shelbyville called The Kandels. As a result of our success we were invited by The Beach Boys to be one of the opening acts at their concert at Ball State . The Vietnam War took its toll on our group as two of our members were drafted into the service. With replacements we contined on until 1971 and disbanded. Our drummer Robbie Rogers was an exceptional player and could be considered the best in the state at that time, but of course I'm prejudiced. Our lead singer and guitar player Dan Mobley when he left the service moved to Florida and still to this day is performing and recording.Our bass player was Frank Smith who moved to Batesville in 1963 from Fordyce Ark. Our keyboard player was Glen Dickman who was originally a trombone player and was self taught on the guitar and keys, he was very gifted. We were always a cover band and had no desires to do our own material or record. We simply loved to play for people. Jim Shelton of WIBC radio took us under his wing and we did dances all over the state of Indiana."

The Caravans on the night we placed 2nd in the state battle of the bands. We are holding a check for $2500.00. The members are from left to right:
Robbie Rogers - Drums
Dan Mobley - Guitar / Lead Singer
Frank Smith - Bass
Bob Walterman - Guitar
Glen Dickman - Keyboards - Trombone

"In later years after The Caravans disbanded I started a group called Blackwater Falls which had two musicians from Columbus,In. Jim Prazner on bass and Henry Smith on drums. Since 1963 I founded a total of six bands."

Great to hear from Bob, and really stoked that we can share the Caravans story with our dedicated followers! Thanks!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tribu-Terrys ride again!

You have to love google. A search for family history leads a band to us, and The Tribu-Terrys are uncovered.
Terry Vandiver - Guitar /Vocals
Bud Schenk - Keyboards
John Carter - Guitar
Hollis Heuer - Drums
Bruce English - Bass

The 1st rock band from Rushville, Indiana, the Tribu-Terrys
started in '63 as an instrumental combo, Terry & John added Bob Duff on bongos (!) and the Tribu-Terrys were born. You might have heard "walk, don't run" as you dined at Barbara's Steak House , Shelbyville, 1963, as the bands first gig.

Jim Shelton (WIBC dj and personality) agreed to help the band, but insisted that vocals became part of the show. Adding keyboards, bass, and embracing the Beatles, Stones, and Beach Boys, they traveled throughout central Indiana as a popular attraction through '66.

The Tribu-Terrys recorded one 45 on Prism (Dayton, OH label), details are fuzzy on how they ended up there, but hear the results:

My Shadow is You
Leavin' To Stay

The Tribu-Terrys are gearing up for a reunion show August 1st, 2009 in Rushville, Indiana. Plans include playing from 5-9 pm at Riverside park behind the old Miller (now Daddy's) Drive-in.

See more pics at previous posts: click here!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update - Ronnie & the Rascals! New photos

Ronnie & the Rascals hs been updated with a couple great pics and news on the band members. Special kudos to Bob Brown. Check out his great photography website. I love it!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sounds Of Us - 1966 - Combo Clash

One of the many that played at 1966 Indiana State Fair Combo Clash. Not sure of how they fared, but I'm still searching for the results (someone help me please!)

The Sounds of Us, from Sept. 1966.
Pictured top row :
Mike Wehlage
Bob Pranger
Chuck Maurer
front row:
Steve Arvin
Jerry Arvin

Any info? Please chime in!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

D.A. & the Downbeats - Franklin 1966

The town of Franklin, Indiana (circa 1966), proudly presents

D.A & the Downbeats!

Did this band ever record? No.
Did they get rich and famous? No.
Did they set the bar for other bands? No.

Are they important to us? Hell yes!

From left:

Lee Wilhelm - rhythm guitar
Bill McCarty - bass guitar
Les Tabeling - lead guitar
Doug Adamson - drums

My notes say Doug was the leader of the band, and with his initials out front, I see no reason to doubt it. Don't know where he is or what he did, but I'll find out.

Lee didn't have another band gig and lives in Nashville, IN.
Bill, another unknown....
And of course, Les went on to front the "Try-Angle" of Orlyn 45 legend. I'll put it up soon.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Foremost - 1966 - No longer unknown!

Behold another unknown from January 1966. These moppets were attending Park and North Central High Schools.

From Left:
Chris Katterjohn
John Lindquist
John Scofield
Allan Thorpe

Great to get your picture in the paper, but it would have been nice to have the band named! If you did have a group name, please share it with us!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poorboys - Kokomo

Some bands are just hard to pin down. The Poorboys from Kokomo, Indiana, circa 1966. I had a promo pic early in this blogs evolution (poor boys) and no less than two other Poor Boys bands let me know that it wasn't them. But the subtle answer is here, notice there is no space in the Poorboys.

The Poorboys that recorded this were:

Mark Hewitt - guitar
Jeff Williams
Clinton Wray
Larry Ingels.

Hear Think of livin' now!
Hear Julie, Julie now!

Jim Day of radio station WIOU in Kokomo made all arrangements for the recording in Nashville.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Emeralds - Greenwood - 1966

It's March 1966, and the Emeralds are hot!
Hailing from Greenwood, Indiana, the boys, from top of ladder:

Pat Gwynn - Drums
Dale Young (Center Grove High School) - organ
Dave Church (far left) - rhythm guitar
Roger Craig - bass guitar
Dan Weaver (far right) - lead guitar

The Emeralds placed 1st in the Johnson County Fair competition,
1st in the Greenwood Battle of the Bands,
and 10th in Young America band battle at the State fair.
They even appeared on local TV showing their chops.
Showing off 5 of the 800 copies pressed on the Honey label (Bloomington? Confirmation?) the Emeralds were seemingly off to bigger things.

Hear that first 45 now!

Emerald City

Like Father, Like Son

As it seems all bands change personnel, Dave Wilson replaced Dale Young on organ. And the Boroughed Tyme were born. I've also seen it as:

Borrowed Tyme
Boroughed Tymes.
Shown here heading to Chicago and the TeenAge World's Fair, and a recording session at Recordings Unlimited.

Then of course I lose track of them. What happened to that session, and/or the tapes?
What other bands did the boys go to? What happened to their Fan Club (that's right, they had a fan club!) ?

The 60's hoosier band fans want to know!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ronnie & the Rascals - 1967

Another lead, another band found, kinda....

Ronnie & the Rascals, the ad you see is from May, 1967.
Bob Brown left a message on the Idle Few's page:

"Interesting blog. I played guitar for a group called 'Ronnie and the Rascals' in the 1960s, as well as a number of other groups. The Flame Club was one of my favorite venues. Ron Blackstone, the lead singer of the group died in 2002. I have long since lost track of Lanny Lambert, our bass player, but Rick Wilhelm and Mike Quick are alive and well.

Other notable venues from the '60s were the 'House of Sounds' in Plainfield, 'Westlake Country Club' and 'The Whiteland Barn.'

I no longer play music professionally, but have taken up the piano for my own enjoyment. I also shoot still photography, not only in America, but western Europe as well. Examples of my work can be seen on my website.

Bob Brown "

Thanks for the info Bob! Please contact me with your website information and e*mail, and I'll get the skinny straight from you.


Great pics from Bob Brown!

Left to right:
Mike Quick
Rick Wilhelm
Ronnie Blackstone (with umbrella)
Lanny Lambert
Bob Brown

Another great shot from Dino Enterprises, owned by Norm Viehe. Many an area combo were under the wing of Norm. Seems Norm also played drums, the J.D. Combo shared Norm and Bob as members!

Ronnie & the Rascals played mostly R&B (that was the top 40 in the mid sixties!) "In the Midnight Hour, Shotgun, Hold on, I'm Comin', Turn on Your Lovelight, etc".

Bob also played with the Noblemen before they recorded the 45 they left us.

Another photo - from left:

Ronnie - top center

Great info, and Bob was in a few bands, and that means more leads!
Thanks again, Bob! Pretty cool.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

5 Cents Extra - 5¢ Extra - 1967

Tonight! March 11th, 1967 actually, The 5 Cents Extra band played a date in Franklin, Indiana. I have several ads of the band ( also shown as "5¢ Extra"), playing late '66 - early '67, In Franklin, and Indianapolis. And that friends, is all I know.