Sunday, November 14, 2010

James Spencer - John Voyles - the Herd

Behold another mystery 60's Indiana 45.

A side - Daddy's Little Angel - James Spencer and the Herd
B side - Lovelight - James Spencer / John Voyles and the Herd

Spencer and Voyles seem to have many connections (Noblemen for one) to bands and to the Prism label in Dayton OH.

Cool songs, mysterious writers and I assume vocals. Is the Herd from Ft. Wayne or another of the popular name? Anyone? James, John?

Updates - Caravans - Revengers - Lords of London

Updates today!

Caravans - New photos and info!

Revengers - Identified band video - member info!

Lords of London - New photos!

We are not even close to exhausting the bands to honor! I'm always looking for info to share!

Maude Meuller Incident - Peppermint Applebush - Stix and Stonz - Norsemen - just a teaser of what's to come, and I'm not ignoring the "Big Boys" like: Boys Next Door - Sir Winston & the Commons - Sounds Unlimited, just hard to find something that hasn't been already been covered.

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