Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Original Dukes - Indianapolis

First known as the Dukes, formed in 1961. The Dukes headlined the "Rail Club" (anyone know where that is/was ?). After the rights were lost to the "Dukes", the band became the Original Dukes.

Pictured here - 1964 - from left:
Richie Martin
Chuck Best
Jim Sonday - Drums
Jim Hickman - Guitar

The Original Dukes left us one 45!

Hear the tunes!
Ain't about to lose my cool
It looks like rain

If you enjoyed the song, leave a note and let the boys know!

Thanks Jim Sonday for the photo, member names and support, and thanks to Larry Goshen for the dates.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Unknown 1968 ? Ft. Wayne area

We need help, Indiana team. Mike R. sent in this unidentified band photo. It was found filed in a Huntington High School 1968 yearbook.
Who are they?
The pose has a very familiar look, not unlike a Dawn 5 photo I have. If it helps any, also in the same book was found a promo shot of the Chosen Few.
Fire in those ideas, any leads, real or imagined, appreciated.