Sunday, May 6, 2007

Joys of Life - 1966 Indianapolis - Descent

The Joys of Life, circa 1966-67, Indianapolis, Indiana. Shown from top, left to right:
Jeff McMullin
Craig Gardner
Jim Albrecht
Jeff Mills
Corky Kirk
Danny McMullin

I believe that Jeff Mills is deceased. Jim Albrecht stayed in the music business, and opened a studio in the 1990's.
Two 45s that I know of:
Columbia 4-44188 - Good times are Over / Descent
Tomorrow THH 241 - Everybody wants to fall in love / Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow
The Columbia 45 goes for some pretty decent coin, several have been for sale in the past few years.
Major label didn't mean major success for the Joys, but they got further than 99% of the bands out there.
Any info, please feel free to contribute!