Monday, June 30, 2014

Phase II Productions - Laporte - not the Endd!!!!!!

Moving up north to LaPorte, Indiana, we find a terrific 45 with a speculated origin. Turns out I was mostly wrong, but with a smidgen of correct! Phase II Productions was not a later incarnation of the Endd, but rather a band with Russ Sanders involved in the production / recording of the 45. And it was Russ' label to be sure. 
Introducing Phase II Productions:
 Jim Tallerico - 
Carl Szawica - Drums
Tom Kowalski - Bass

Sadly Carl passed away June 1st of this year (2014), and the whereabouts of Jim and Tom are suspect. Too bad, as they should be recognized for this effort. 

Recorded at the Chess/Checker studios in Chicago, Dave Purple of the "Cryan Shames" was producer with Russ Sanders interning on the boards. Russ had a recording studio in the basement of his home, but this effort was unusual in that both sides were recorded in another studio and released on the Seascape label. 

Now we need to firm up the #506 seascape label release (if there is one).

Thanks to Roger, Rory, and the rest of the LaPorte team for the info and inspiration!