Thursday, September 13, 2007

'66 Indianapolis Teen Tempo Activities Calendar

This is a great artifact to show the szene in Indianapolis, Indiana April 1966! Zoom in on Saturdays and feast your orbs on the line-ups and the places to be seen! Plan ahead to take your favorite girl to her favorite band, and you were in!!!

Check out the szenes:

The Flame Club (located at 431 S. Shortridge Rd.)
Tiger-a-go-go (anyone, I don't know where this one was)
House of Sounds ( Avon Avenue, Plainfield)
Indiana Beach (Lake Shafer, Monticello)
11th Hour Coffee House ( 34th & College Ave)

The Bands:
Boys Next Door
Dawn 5
Gestures (Michigan?)
Kings' Men (pre Idle Few)
The Keys (????? maybe the Louisville Keyes?)
III Duces (sic)(I gotta know about this!)
Impacts (???)
Sounds Unlimited
Gesters (wonder if they meant Gestures?)

These Teen Tempos (a local teen magazine in '66-'67) are as rare as Dawn 5 45's. but they provided some great insight on the popular combos of the day. If you were in it, it was the local version of making it!!!