Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vlasics - Valasics

Originally Chris Henricks, Bill Harding, Ben (Duaine) Taylor (SHS 1968) Joe Green and Dan Ware (Manual High School 1966), were formed as the Vlasics at Southport High School.

This was way back in 1965. The Vlasics played at the Baxter YMCA, Eagle
s Lodge and many private parties in their first year. A major turning point was their win of the "Battle of the Bands" at the new,Greenwood Shopping Center, in June 1966. The band won a trip to Chicago to play in a regional battle of the bands, at McCormick Place! The Vlasics replaced Joe Green on Keyboards in 1967 with Randy Tipmore. (Also a Southport High School graduate). The Vlasics enjoyed a fair amount of success in those years and were playing clubs, fraternity/sorority parties,graduations and other events in a five 5 state region during their high school years.


Whiteland Barn
Flame Club
Hillside Beach Club
House of Sound
Indiana State Fair "Teen Tent"

Yep, They played those places often.

In May of 1968 the Vlasics went to record their first "Record" ("Breakaway") at Universal studios in Chicago. The Vlasics continued a busy schedule until August 1 1969, The date of their last "Gig".

Ok, all that text was borrowed (stolen) from the boys defunct website, circa 2004. But the Vlasics have a special place in my research heart. Dan Ware was the first band member I actually called and asked about any band. He was very kind and talked a bit, then directed me towards Bill Harding, who was playing locally. The wife and I met him and had a great time. Here we are several years later, and I'm finally telling the story.

Hear some tunes:
Break Away
Things Movin' Fast

Somehow the record was credited to the "Valasics", altho the band was sponsored somewhat by the Vlasic pickle company. The 45 was one of the more difficult to find ones I have on my list. Many, many to go, and look forward to sharing even more with my readers and contributors!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brents - Shelbyville 1967

Who would have thought that Shelbyville would be a hotbed of teen band action?

The Brents:

Front row l-r:
Gary DeBaun - drums
Bobby Jones - Lead Guitar
Fred Dickmann - vocals - sax

Back row:

Mike Carr - rhythm guitar - vocals
Louie Cover - bass - vocals
Eddie Moore - keyboards - vocals

The Brents placed third in the 1967 Indiana State Fair Battle of the Bands. That made them the best band in Indiana. If you wonder about the math, Fred explains it:

"I'm really proud of the 1st band I was in, The Brents. If you zoom in on the text of the pic I sent you, you will be able to see that we placed 3rd of over 500 bands from Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky & Illinois. Matter of fact, after we placed 3rd we printed handbills locally advertising our band as "the best band in Indiana". Well, the way we justified that statement was the fact that the first place band in the Indiana State Fair Battle of the Bands Contest of 1967 was from Ohio; the second place band was from Illinois; The Brents from Shelbyville, Indiana placed 3rd...so, by default, we were the best band in Indiana! Made sense to us, anyway. And really, if you think about that - over 500 bands - well let me just say, that was the absolute highlight of my modest live music career. Hey, check out our playlist from the competition...still classic tunes!! "

I'd sure like to find one of those flyers. The Brents didn't record, but did leave us some great info.

Thanks Fred for the contribution!