Monday, March 25, 2013

Chalets - Shelbyville 1966

Set the wayback machine to August '66 and the formation of the Chalets is complete.
"If I had a noseful of nickels I'd sneeze a fortune your way" was featured in an original song offered by The Chalets. Sounds like a band we must get to know!

Mike Davis - drums
Don Isgrigg - lead guitar
Kim Greene - singer - rhythm guitar
Tom Brenton - keyboard
Rocket Murphy - bass

Looking at the Chalets resume we see:

August '66 the band placed first in the Marion County Battle of the Bands -
First at the Decatur County fair -
Fourth at the Shelby County fair -
Second in the Combo Clash for the Danny Thomas Leukemia Foundation appearing on Channel 6 TV -

The Chalets played in Indianapolis, Greensburg, Rushville, Edinburgh, Bloomington and other surrounding towns.

The Chalets had hopes of cutting a record, with original tunes: noseful of nickels, love is the gutter, and it's worth a lot. Hoping as always we'll get to hear these tunes............

***super duper thanks to Fred Dickman for the photos and the Chalets for making it happen!***